Tiny homes have come a long way – People have embraced minimalism

Apr 18, 2023

Tiny homes were launched in the market to solve the problem of homelessness. But now, the concept has undergone further advancement. Now tiny homes are no longer limited to any specific group or class. It has been widely accepted as an alternative to renting high-priced residential or commercial properties. A tiny house can be your home office, studio, ADU, or cabin. Space crunch is a major issue these days, and due to limited income, it gets tough to pay huge rents for bigger spaces. You need not worry because you can buy affordable tiny house kits and customize your tiny house. You can also be interested in completely prefab tiny homes and tiny house shells. 

Why are tiny homes cost-saving options?

Living in a compact space means embracing minimalism. You have limited utilities, which help to save costs. You will have to spend less on upkeep and energy bills. Lastly, the entire house will cost you less than traditional homes. We are sure you care for the environment, and tiny homes have a low environmental impact. A tiny home needs fewer materials to build, takes less land, uses less electricity, and produces fewer emissions. Also, less space means you have lesser cleaning duties to perform. You can have a tiny house on a foundation or wheels so that you can move around.


Customized tiny homes

 Are you looking for the best tiny house kits? BOSS in the USA is over 20 years old, and we manufacture affordable tiny home house kits. We design tiny homes in various designs, layouts, and sizes. We follow the automated process to deliver premium structures at affordable pricing. There are various factors to consider when planning to transition to tiny living. You can have your own cozy space, get creative about it, and enjoy living in a tiny house.

BOSS’s Permit Package

You still need to be on this page for a few more minutes because you cannot have a tiny home without a permit. You are busy, and having the permit is a task. How about BOSS offering a permit package? This includes:

  • Structural drawings that are engineer stamped
  • The foundation plan and custom site
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • FM approval certification

Once ready, submit the plan to the Department of Building and Safety. You will be handed the permit within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Live off the grid – BOSS tiny homes

BOSS tiny house kits are easy to assemble, and we design built-on-site systems. You should have a tiny home for additional space, investment opportunities, or to go off the grid. The structures are shipped to your site directly, saving the project’s total time and cost. 

Final words

 BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer financing assistance at low-interest rates. Talk to us for a solution, and request a quote.








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