Tiny Home Vacations – Reasons people are choosing tiny

Dec 16, 2021

Tiny home vacations are growing rapidly popular. Tiny home rentals are one of the most searched facts in Google. Some people want to start traveling and go on vacations in DIY cabin kits to experience tiny living to the fullest. However, others prefer to buy affordable tiny house kits for starting their own rental business and earn an additional income that would benefit them. BOSS Tiny House is one of the leaders in the industry to offer the custom-made tiny house on trailer kit to suit the necessary requirements. Let’s get to know the reasons to go tiny and invest in DIY homes.

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Cost-effective – Get a home loan 

Tiny house-on-trailer kits are more affordable than larger rental homes. People are choosing BOSS Tiny House because we give out Home Loans for the DIY cabin kits available. All you would need is to meet the eligibility criteria, and the loan gets sanctioned within a few minutes. The home loan doesn’t only make the investment conveniently affordable, but with tiny homes traveling gets inexpensive as you spend money on other adventurers.

Unique and customized 

Buy affordable tiny house kits that are non-traditional and unique. BOSS DIY cabin kits come with a three-year warranty and get customized as per specifications. The DIY kits require three entire days for assembling with the aid of two skilled laborers. However, to speed up the installation, you can hire more people to get the job done. The DIY kits arrive with a user-friendly installation guide to simplify the process. 

Tiny home vacations have people looking for tree houses, tiny homes, or unconventional living spaces like trailer kits on wheels. Get in touch with the professionals at BOSS to get your custom-made home.

Spend more time outdoors

The lockdown has made people miss outdoor life. However, with the new variant of coronavirus coming up and counties again going into lockdowns, tiny house-on-trailer kits look like an ideal fit. You can go on a vacation without really going out. You can move from place to place and explore the city just like you are on vacation. However, the greatest asset is that you stay indoors completely safe from the deadly pandemic. The kits are lightweight but have pre-installed plumbing and electrical system, making life easier for travel addicts. After a brief consultation with the experts, you can also get a preplanned kitchen, bedroom, and other amenities. Customization is one of the features that makes tiny homes worth it.

Sustainable to travel 

Tiny homes come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes and are not so tiny. Traveling is sustainable with tiny houses and completely safe with ASTM-certified steel roofs and doors guarding your privacy. The vinyl cladding ensures great insulation, while the fine finishing of the interiors offers luxurious living at an affordable price.

Wrapping up 

Tiny home vacation rentals are on the rise. You can either go out with your family to enjoy a weekend vacation or decide to put the tiny home on rent. Platforms like Airbnb offer great rental options to help your tiny business flourish. For custom-made tiny homes, get in touch with the experts at BOSS. Request a no-obligation quote now.

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