Tiny home shells and kits – The downsizing trend is here to stay

Mar 31, 2023

The housing and property market is expensive in the US. Americans usually spend more than 50% of their income on housing. Tiny homes offer sustainable living. They are green and affordable. The global market is escalating yearly and is expected to rise in the next few years. The tiny house concept has witnessed immense development and growth. For ages, tiny structures were used to solve the problem of homelessness. 

Downsize with tiny homes

Now, downsizing with tiny homes is quite a trend. This type of lifestyle offers plenty of benefits individually as well as for the community. Tiny homes are available in complete prefab structures, shells, and kits. They are less expensive to build and maintain. Shells are hollow structures available in the form of four walls, a ceiling and some basic amenities like electrical fittings and plumbing. 


BOSS has partnered with CustomFin

Do you wish to invest in a tiny house shell kit? Well, there is some good news for you. Do not worry about paying upfront because we have financing for you. BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer lucrative financing plans for you. The cost of a traditional home can break the bank. There are heavy down payments, high mortgages, and higher maintenance costs. Tiny homes can take you out of such inconveniences. The BOSS financing plan is designed to suit every budget. We offer low-interest rates that start from 3.99%. There are more than 300 money lenders that offer home loans. Availability of the financing is easy only by mentioning the credit score and loan amount. BOSS tiny homes are available at factory-direct prices. 

We use recycled plastic – green technology

The demand for greater customization is there. BOSS tiny house shell kit is available in different sizes, shapes, colors and with additional features. These homes are energy-efficient, and they reduce the carbon footprint. Generally, a tiny house produces almost 30% less CO2 every year. We use green technology while manufacturing tiny homes. BOSS uses almost 35% of recycled plastic to manufacture sustainable tiny homes. We care for the environment and aim to reduce our carbon footprint. Our shell kits are delivered to your location within 4 to 6 weeks. Our team handles the installation procedure. 

Live off the grid with BOSS Tiny Homes

BOSS tiny house kits and tiny house shell for sale offer plenty of options. The price of traditional spaces will continue to skyrocket. Similarly, affordable tiny homes are here to stay. The tiny house market is a path that leads to financial freedom. A tiny house could be useful for additional space, go off-grid, and be an investment opportunity. We are one of the pioneers in designing studios, accessory dwelling units and other backyard spaces.

Get the BOSS Permit Package

We promise accuracy, precision, and top-notch quality. BOSS uses premium building commercial-grade materials to craft shells and kits. BOSS’s tiny house kits meet the International and California Building Codes. They are safe, non-toxic, fire-resistant, and energy-efficient. BOSS is also offering the Permit Package. 

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