Tiny home kits for sale – What’s new in 2022?

Jan 06, 2022

Tiny homes have a big role to play in contemporary times. Many Americans choose to downsize their living and be happy with a minimalistic lifestyle. Young couples, new retirees, single parents, and small nuclear families choose tiny home kits over traditional homes. Even in Airbnb, you will find tiny house kits are put out for rent. Downsizing your life and moving into a tiny home have innumerable benefits. However, you can get the most affordable ones at BOSS. The tiny home kits for sale get you the finest small units for your family that is customized and well-planned for a happy and cozy life. Nevertheless, let’s get to know why 2022 is the year to downsize your life for the better.

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Get more creative and organized 

The tiny home kits give you a secluded place to stay. The creativity and organization skills come to work in a private space that you can call your own. The DIY kits arrive in prefab structure and are easy to assemble in just three days. It takes two skilled workers to help in assembling the tiny home. The vinyl cladding offers good insulation, while the ASTM-certified steel doors provide great protection. The tiny homes have galvanized steel roofs and great interior finishing for making the stay a delight. These tiny homes can be a great place for the recluse in you or for the writer who would love to have some lone personal time for getting the flush of creativity back.

Rethink about customization

Although the standard size of tiny house kits is 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’, but you can choose for customization and make them bigger or smaller. The tiny homes at BOSS get customized by experts for changing the layout, size, shape, design, and colors for visual appeal and optimal functionality. In addition, you can preselect the kitchen space, bathroom, and other functionalities to make living more comfortable. However, don’t mistake tiny with the lack of space. In 2022, tiny homes will be bigger and better yet customized right, keeping in mind the purpose.

The sale in 2022 

Tiny home kits for sale in 2022 will get better with a home loan from BOSS. The New Year starts with a bang as you get the house with a 3-year warranty and an easy-to-apply home loan. You just need to meet the eligibility criteria for the loan to get sanctioned. The home loan makes things affordable, and the sale ensures you get the durable kits at dirt-cheap prices.

Clutter-free and easy maintenance 

The tiny homes are absolutely clutter-free, compact yet comfortable. The maintenance is easy as the tiny space does not require extensive cleaning daily. The homes are fire-resistant and weatherproof too. The homes have pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems that make the living easier, and you can stay longer. Many people in 2022 will choose tiny homes on wheels as they are more travel-friendly, lightweight, and enjoyable, considering you can travel anywhere while comfortably sitting or lying inside your personal space.

Wrapping up 

This year downsize your life and make a major saving by choosing tiny living. BOSS has one of the ideal tiny homes for each customer. Customize your choices or go for the standard ones that suit you. Book a free consultation now. Request a quote.

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