Tiny Home Kits For Sale- A Guide To A Clutter-Free Life

Mar 18, 2022

A guide to living a clutter-free life! Do these lists on the internet make you wonder about buying yourself a tiny home in the countryside? A tiny lifestyle is not all about square footage. It represents life in an arranged space with better organization, sustainability, and experience. The tiny house kits from BOSS offer a gateway to downsize into a DE cluttered and custom-made living space that is functional and affordable. Although this new-age lifestyle involves some planning and organization, it represents the benefits of living minimally and enjoying the simplicities in life. You can choose a stationary one built on a foundation or go mobile with the tiny house kits on wheels.  

If you are looking for suitable options to shift your lifestyle, here are some advantages of investing in tiny home kits from BOSS. 

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Minimalistic and Functional Homes

The tiny home kits include spacious interiors, high-vaulted ceilings, bedroom, dining space, kitchen, and washroom. You can avail yourself of customized options to fit your needs and create the ideal home. The tiny home kits come in a wide range of sizes, colors, layouts, and shapes. Our experts suggest innovative solutions to fit every inch of your lifestyle and make living comfortable. You can choose from sizes 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′, or go bigger or smaller as per requirements. 

Pre-Installed Amenities and Secure Interiors

Tiny homes tend to attract a diverse population of new-age homeowners. If you are transitioning into a downsized lifestyle, it may take an adjustment period. BOSS pre-installs plumbing and electrical facilities to help ease the shift and help cut down additional costs. In addition, the detailed installation guide and the Built On-Site System reduce construction hassles. Each kit has a three-year warranty and requires approximately three days with two people for completion.

If you want to speed up the process, you can hire a local contractor. The tiny home kits have ASTM-certified steel structures which surpass a 30 lbs/sq ft snow load test. Moreover, BOSS uses soft-textured vinyl-coated insulated walls to maintain ambient temperatures during your stay. You can choose to go mobile or live in a busy suburb. BOSS helps customize a unique lifestyle based on your values. 

Tiny Home Loan

Life can be expensive. If you need some financial help to purchase your dream tiny home, BOSS has a solution for you. We have a home loan facility which we sanction within minutes once you meet the eligibility criteria. You have to fill up some paperwork and submit the necessary documents. After the sanction, you can discuss the ideal customization options with our experts. Tiny home kits have add-on features for further upgrades. 

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