There is no need to rent a super expensive space – Get bigger size ADU kits from BOSS

Apr 12, 2021

A lot of people live in small homes which becomes a matter of concern when they plan to expand the family. Traditional property pricing is experiencing an upward trend and there won’t be a downward graph anytime soon. Most cannot afford to rent a new house or a bigger space. It’s not always necessary to own a brick-and-mortar space when you have tiny homes. 

Tiny homes are becoming extremely popular in the USA because people are looking to bring down the cost. Attaching an ADU to your existing house could be a feasible solution if you plan to expand your family. An ADU takes the same lot as the primary property. Most of the time, these tiny units are attached along with the primary house. But you can also build an ADU as a standalone structure. 

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Building your own ADU could be an experience

Yes, you heard it just right that you can build an ADU all by yourself. BOSS Tiny House manufactures tiny house kits to relieve you from investing a huge amount. A home that attaches an ADU falls under separate zoning regulations. You can save costs by building a DIY ADU unit. Also, an accessory dwelling unit utilizes water and energy from the main building. 

Customize your kit – DIY installation

BOSS is a renowned tiny house kits manufacturer and we have been consistently a part of the tiny house movement. Our tiny home kits are also customizable as per your requirements. BOSS DIY tiny home kits ensure that you do not need to get a bigger home by spending a huge sum. Use your backyard to build an attaching unit. Our kits come with simple instructions, so you experience the effortless DIY installation. 

The DIY Shell Plus kit

Invest in ADU kits which take only 3 days to complete the installation. You can have a friend, a cousin, or a colleague assist you with the installation process. BOSS designs shells that are easier for you to assemble. More than half of the work is done for hassle-free assembling. Experience faster installation by investing in our advanced Shell Plus kit. It’s a DIY transformable kit that is apt to build a cabin, studio, home office, ADU, play space for kids, and more. This kit is suitable for building on trailers and foundations. 

Bigger shells means spacious ADU interiors

We now bring to you shells that are not tiny at all. Now get bigger structures 16’x 40′ and 24′ x 80 within your budget. BOSS stands for built-on-site systems, and we promote DIY installations. But if you fail to do so, hire a local contractor.   

Most people prefer building ADU for family members, they also use it as in-law suites, and some also plan to give for rents. But it is important to seek permission from the landlord and consider factors like zoning laws, maintenance costs, taxes, upfront costs, the housing and rental market scenario. 

Discuss with the BOSS team

Get in touch with the BOSS team for ADU kits and consultation. The shipping process is prompt, and the kits are packed in wooden crates to prevent any damage. We have the BOSS website and a team to solve all your queries. Spend more time researching about BOSS tiny house kits for sale and the advantages. Request for a quote. 

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