The Tiny House Shell Kit is ideal for building your own modest cabin

Aug 24, 2020

A modest cabin is of much use, and it is what people look for these days. Imagine you own a cabin with a couple of rooms in the downstairs and a beautiful loft area upstairs. It could be your summer house, a stand-alone retail space, or a home office. Budget is a significant factor when you think of adding a property. BOSS brings to you tiny home kits that we customize according to your requirements. 

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Easy to install Shell Plus kit:

Here we discuss the most recent and the advanced tiny house shell kit, the Shell Plus kit, a DIY transformable kit that takes only 3 days to install two people carrying out the process. We give you step-by-step-directions so that it is easy for you to install. Easy to assemble and build onsite. 

The two sizes of the Shell Plus kit:

This tiny house shell is made of the highest quality certified steel, rightly insulated, the plumbing and electrical system are pre-installed. The Shell Plus kit is available in two sizes; you can choose how big you want your cabin to be. One 8.5x 20’’, which is for $9995 and the bigger one 8.5×26,” is available for $12995. 

The features of the Shell Plus kit:

Here are some of the exceptional features of this kit:

  • You can have a beautiful cabin, also ideal for living:
  • Takes 3 days for 2 people to assemble
  • Pre-installed plumbing and electrical

Interior and exterior both

  • insulated
  • Glazed windows and doors with secure locks
  • Tall ceiling and all-steel construction

The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

Do you think about the fund and the urgency you have to own a cabin? Well, there is no need to worry; we have the BOSS Tiny House loan for you. We inspect, and if you are eligible for it, the loan gets approved in a few minutes. If you have any queries related to it, you can talk to our customer care. We take care of your investment; we understand your requirement. Being the largest manufacturer of tiny house kits, we aim that every customer who needs a tiny house should own it. 

We can give you inspiration:

Looking for ideas about owning a tiny cabin and utilizing? You can visit our website for a lot of information, and we have an ‘Inspiration’ page for you for more ideas and inspiration. Using this kit, you can build ADU, in-law suite, backyard studio, home office, play space, etc. You can also design your tiny cabin; a loft is optional. 

Most modern kits – Shell Plus has 3 years warranty:

BOSS has experts who constantly research and design kits that are useful and modern, and come with all updated features. We use all advanced technology and the knowledge to design impressive kits. BOSS supports the demand for minimalism. We have kept in mind the safety factor; our kits are safe and are shipped in wooden crates to prevent damage during the shipping process. We are offering a 3 years warranty on our Shell Plus kit. 

Best value kits:

This kit is designed especially for the DIY enthusiast; it is very easy to install. BOSS is designing the best value kits, requests for a custom quote.

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