The Story of James – A Teenager who did Spend his Holiday Building a Tiny Home

Nov 26, 2019

Over the past few years, tiny houses have gained massive traction. These houses are affordable and allow people to expand their living space or build a home-office without having to worry about mortgage.

James Austin in California got so inspired by the tiny house movement that he vowed to build one himself. Of course, there was also the need for his own private space, away from the prying eyes of his parents. Since his dad refused to let him bring all his friends and create ruckus in the house, he convinced his father of his alternative plan – his very tiny home hideout in the driveway of their California home.

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Determined to see through this project to the very end, James reached out to BOSS. He expressed his desire to build the tiny house himself and our professional tiny home builders offered him as much assistance as he wanted. So, once he placed the order for the tiny home on wheels kit, we started the shipping process. Within a short few weeks, the kit was delivered to him and he was happy that our kit was already inclusive of the plumbing and electrical lines, and came with an easy-to-understand installation manual.

It took James about 8 days to finish the assembly and whenever he faced any hiccups, he rang us up. He beautifully divided the 128 sq ft loft space into a sleeping area and recreational area. He dedicated most of the house for recreation as he planned to use it as a hideout where his friends could come and hangout.

So, he let go of having a bed or even any kind of heavy furniture. Once he was through with the assembly of BOSS’ tiny house kit, he decorated the inside of the house with a lot of pillows, a big mattress and a couple of bean bags. Our designers recommended him to have a few cupboards and cabinets installed for storage space, and he paid heed to that. The cabinets and cupboards were mostly filled with all kinds of board and card games that he liked to play with his friends.

He also got a foosball table, X-box and other kinds of video games, and our 110 V AC powered tiny house was able to handle the electrical requirements of his video games. He even brought all the different toys and games that he had in his room and put them all in the tiny home hideout that he built by himself. After the entire hideout was complete, he shared pictures with us and we couldn’t be more proud of 16-year-old James and what he has accomplished.

Even though our contribution was negligible, we wanted to share James’ story and inspire other kids of his age to take control. Our tiny house kits are very easy to assemble and install, and our tiny home builders in California can even come out to the location and help with the installation process.

If you are inspired by his story, reach out to us and build your own hideout.

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