The real reasons why people are choosing to live in a tiny home

Nov 25, 2022

Tiny houses have now gained mass acceptance, and at this point, minimalistic living is the right move. The tiny house kits come in stunning designs and are all customized for a better and more thriving life. Downsizing can be challenging, but embracing this wonderful lifestyle has many benefits. An affordable tiny house kit should be a well-considered decision. If you plan to buy affordable tiny house kits, ensure they are spacious, have high security, and look aesthetically pleasing. BOSS Tiny House is one of the leading tiny home manufacturers in the USA, offering high-quality pre-built tiny structures within your budget. This write-up is an eye-opener about a few reasons why Americans are choosing to go tiny.

Financial freedom 

Living in a tiny house is more economical than you think. The tiny homes are comparatively smaller than traditional buildings, which makes them an economical purchase. Consequently, tiny homes are cheaper to build and require less maintenance. In addition, the tiny homes are free from mortgages and are one-time purchases. However, many do not wish to pay upfront for a tiny house, and that’s why BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans to fit every budget. Over 300 moneylenders are willing to offer you loans for the tiny home. The interest rates are as low as 3.99%, but you need a decent credit score to apply for the loan. When you wish to buy affordable tiny house kits, there are hundreds of financing options available via CustomFin to make the purchase easy for one and all.


Reduces utility bills 

By living in a tiny house, you can significantly reduce the daily expenses, which might have been a source of worry while staying in a traditional dwelling. BOSS tiny homes have pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities and offer exceptional PIR insulation. The smaller house footprint is an asset as there is less space to heat or cool. All these factors can substantially reduce electrical usage inside a tiny house. Moreover, if you have larger windows, natural lighting will reduce the dependency on artificial lights. The affordable tiny house kits and prefab structures available at BOSS Tiny House have a 3-year warranty and are designed to last for years requiring minimal upkeep.

Easily obtainable permits 

Many people shy away from buying tiny house kits as they are unaware of how easily the permits are available. However, you can be at ease as BOSS Tiny House offers a permit package to make things easier. We chalk out a site plan keeping the local building codes in mind and adhering to the Department of Building & Safety. Our permit package includes engineer-stamped structural drawings with a customized foundation site plan. You will also find Title 24 Energy Certification and FM Approval Certification inside the package. Once you buy the package from us, submit the paperwork to the Department of Building & Safety. Within 4 to 6 weeks, you will get the permit approval for the tiny prefab home.

Final Words 

BOSS Tiny House provides earthquake-resistant, fireproof, and durable structures at factory-direct prices. The tiny homes meet International Building Codes and come customized in different sizes, styles, and layouts. Book a free consultation today. Request a no-obligation quote.







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