The perks of living in a tiny house shell – Lead your life comfortably

Dec 13, 2022

With real estate pricing booming, the need for your own space might seem like a distant dream. The good news is that the tiny home movement has gained momentum and tiny house shell is more popular than ever. BOSS Tiny House offers high-quality tiny house shells for sale within your budget and fully customized to suit your needs. The tiny home shell is the perfect solution to downsize and choose sustainable living. Tiny houses are gaining traction among millennials as they are functional, affordable, and come customized in various sizes, styles, and layouts.

Tiny home shell – designed to last for years 

The high-quality tiny home shell gets designed to last for generations. The durable structures come with a 3-year warranty. The structures are quality-checked and then dispatched to the client’s place. It takes 4 to 6 weeks to customize the tiny house shell and deliver the structure. The tiny homes are earthquake-resistant, fireproof, CA-certified, and FM-approved. The high-quality houses meet International Building Codes and easily obtain Title 24 Energy requirements. Made from galvanized steel, the tiny home structures with high-grade PIR insulation are strong and weather resistant. The houses are spacious with 9 to 10 high vaulted ceilings and offer better climate control than other ordinary tiny structures. The tiny homes are built on any flat surface, and this ensures greater stability and longevity of the structure.


Key features of the tiny house shell 

Before you rush to the tiny house shell for sale, you need to know certain key features of the structure. The tiny home structures have walls with an R-value of 18 and are highly energy-efficient. The homes have a crate length of 10 feet and can withstand a snow load of 30 pounds per sq. ft. The walls and ceilings get manufactured from ASTM-certified high-grade steel to offer extended durability. The homes have preinstalled electrical and plumbing systems and come at factory-direct prices.

Permit Package 

You need to get a permit for the tiny house in your backyard. The tiny house shell without a permit is an illegal structure and more of a liability than an asset. Getting a permit is easy if you decide to buy the permit package from BOSS Tiny House. We provide you with a site plan that adheres to the local laws and building codes of the Department of Building and Safety. BOSS Permit package comprises engineer-stamp structural drawings with a customized foundation plan. The package also has FM Approval certification and Title 24 Certification. Once you buy this permit package, submit the paperwork to the Department of Building and Safety. The permit approvals usually come within 4 to 6 weeks and depend largely on local municipalities and cities.

Home loan – Financing of a tiny home

Paying upfront for a tiny home is not something everyone is comfortable with. That’s why BOSS Tiny House has partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans to every customer. The flexible payment options fit every budget as the loans come with minimal interest rates, as low as 3.99%. Over 300 moneylenders are willing to pay you home loans for the tiny house. When you apply for financing, you are only asked about the credit score and the loan amount. No further details required! 

Final Words

Tiny homes are all about minimalism and sustainability. It’s about less clutter, clear spaces, curated décor, and a cost-effective lifestyle to make living easier and simpler. For more details, book a free consultation now. Request a quote.







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