The perks of investing in pre-built tiny house shells – Saves you from hassle yet offers affordability

Feb 23, 2023

Are you looking for affordable tiny homes? You can now build your own tiny house by investing in pre-built tiny house shells. These hollow structures come with doors, windows, and other necessary fitting. You can customize your shell and have a beautiful tiny house in the backyard. Tiny homes are available in prefab homes, shells, and kits. You can also opt for prefab tiny homes assembled inside our factory and customized for you. A professionally built shell offers sturdiness, durability, and safety. Even if you are an expert, investing in a shell will save you from the hassle of building a tiny house from scratch. 

Features of a BOSS tiny house shell

Our pre-built tiny house shells are available in shape, size, and foundation. BOSS panels are manufactured using ASTM-certified steel that is also corrosion-resistant. Our panels are manufactured with LGS framing, which is a sustainable option. LGS is lighter and has more strength. The steel is fire-resistant and has seismic stability and foundational strength. The tiny homes have 10 feet of crate length and can tolerate 30 pounds per square foot of snow load. Our tiny homes are preinstalled with advanced electrical and plumbing systems. BOSS homes have FM-approved and Class 1 fire-rating that have fire extinguishing cores. Our shell has separate living spaces, a kitchen and bathrooms. Get a 3 years manufacturing warranty on all our models. 


BOSS has partnered with more than 300 lenders

Are you not ready to pay upfront because of fund-related issues? BOSS is here to understand your financial requirements. Get your tiny house even if you have financial strains. BOSS partners with CustomFin and you can access flexible payment plans at low-interest rates starting from 3.99%. There are more than 300 moneylenders who would offer you lucrative home loans. Getting a loan is simple, you need to mention the loan amount, we check the credit score and you can avail of the loan. Our pre-built tiny house shells are available at factory-direct prices. BOSS believes that everyone who needs it should own a tiny house. Stay calm about permits because we have a Permit package for you. Please get your site plan, purchase the BOSS permit package, and submit the plans. 

Get in touch with the BOSS team

BOSS implements cutting-edge technology bringing affordable housing to your doorstep. We offer tiny homes that are customized as per your requirements. Our tiny homes are easy to access, these are compact homes and allow less clutter. BOSS manufactures premium quality ADUs, backyard spaces and studios. BOSS brings to your tiny eco-friendly homes because we care for the environment. Each panel has been manufactured using 35% recycled plastic. The recycled plastics improve the fire resistance quality of the panels. The shells are shipped and delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. Do you want to buy a tiny house shell? Place your order online and we shall get in touch. 







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