The new entrepreneur Tim had a smile on his face – He set up his home office by installing BOSS Shell Plus kit

Aug 27, 2020

Tim is now just setting up his own business, and he is a struggling entrepreneur. He was planning to rent a space to set up his small office. But when he dived into doing that for reality, he realized that the rents do not match his budget. At one point in time, he felt that he would not pursue his venture, but he had already given up on his full-time job and was clueless. One of his close friends suggested he invest in tiny house kits for sale.

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A lot of new entrepreneurs could relate to this situation. Yes, the challenge is a big part of it, but the BOSS helps to initiate the venture by designing home office kits. Here, you do not need to move to any other place; you can operate from home while your small team can also do it from their home or call 2-3 people to your space. We offered a tiny house kit proposal to Tim and tried to calculate the budget as per his requirements. We suggested the very new and modern Shell Plus kit, which he could assemble in his yard. We also showed him success stories of how other clients are doing so well in their business. Some still own a tiny house and are continuing, while some have expanded hugely. We have helped so many entrepreneurs live their dreams by offering tiny house shells for sale. 

BOSS Tiny House is the leading company in the USA that designs and manufactures tiny home kits. If you talk to us about your requirements or show us your plan, we suggest you the ideal kit. It has not been long that we launched the Shell Plus kit with unique beneficial features. Using this kit, you can build not only a home office, but also ADU, studio, in-law suite, play space, cabins, and more. This is a DIY transformable kit that comes with a 3 years warranty. It’s very hassle-free to install, it takes only 3 days for 2 people to do the installation. Tim installed the kit with his best friend, and they shared images where they seemed to have fun doing that. The best thing about this kit is that we have designed it for DIY enthusiasts. We give you sets of straightforward instructions that you can follow and install faster. If you cannot assemble it yourself for any reason, we would ask you to hire a contractor for on-site assembling.

The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’ and another a little more spacious 8.5’ x 26’, and the prices are $9995 and $12995, respectively. The kit comes with pre-installed plumbing and electricals installed. The interior is spacious, both the inside walls, roof and the exterior are well insulated. There are many more features that you can discover from our website. 

BOSS Shell Plus kits are transported in wooden crates for utmost safety. We are grateful to all our clients for trusting us, it’s because we get the power to create. Tim was happy as he could kick-start his venture. Even you can be a part of the BOSS family, have a consultation with us and drive away space crunch worries. We offer the best value tiny home kits.

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