The Love for Tiny Houses is Spreading Fast – Get Your Tiny House Shell Kit

May 02, 2019

Tiny houses are everywhere, and it is more evident over the internet. There are many tiny house fans, lovers, related pages and followers on social media. It is readily understood that tiny house shave seen tremendous growth due to various reasons, the main one being living a loan-free life. Tiny houses are the answer to an affordable living and housing crisis. Yes, there are certain contradictions relating tiny houses, but it’s an era where people are thinking more than a thousand times before choosing to live in a traditional home.

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The rising demand for tiny homes

The need for tiny homes is increasing, do you realize that? People who live in rented homes want to have a house of their own, considering a tiny house as the right choice. They prefer not to pay big loans or mortgages to own traditional homes. However, again many decide to upgrade once the family expands, so they mostly keep the tiny houses as guesthouses. Many homeowners do not see it as a temporary option rather a feasible one. Very few people aim to sell off a tiny house because the value depreciates once bought. BOSS Tiny House designs amazing tiny house kits including innovative small cabin kits for spacious homes.

Tiny yet so much grounded

Tiny houses are mainly set up on wheels, though we also offer homes on a foundation. We meet a lot of buyers interested in portable housing solutions. We design homes on wheels that feel so attached and are very sturdy. We do a quality check of all the materials and kits we offer to ensure quality. Yes, many choose to build a house on a foundation and thus the demand. BOSS Tiny House can provide you with a superior tiny house shell kit, readymade homes and we also offer onsite building facility for all those who are not willing to opt for DIY. Having a tiny house on wheels or foundation is a choice, but we assure that you feel grounded.

Can you expect more flexibility?

Yes, for sure, because more and more people need this small living solution, but there is a legal side. One thing is for sure that the building codes must be more flexible to have more tiny houses on foundations. There is a place that has altered the laws, and some are yet to do. The aim is to have more and more people interested in and attracted to the concept of tiny house living. At BOSS we inspire people to live in small-size dwellings to avoid the burden and also for environmental benefits.


A tiny house is an entirely different lifestyle, and people are adapting so what are you waiting for? If you are not able to make the right choice or thinking whether you should build on your own or hire our professionals for onsite building, have a consultation and we would have for you all you want.  BOSS caters to customers who are interested in a consultation related to tiny house for sale.







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