The importance of ADU structures – It is time that you invest in one

Apr 14, 2023

ADUs help California meet the varied housing requirements. Students and young professionals wish to live near schools, educational institutions, and amenities. An ADU allows homeowners to share independent living spaces with their family members. This allows the seniors to live in peace and be close to their near and dear ones. ADUs are great abodes that give extra space and security to aging parents or grandparents. 

An ADU can be your home office or workout space

Having a separate working space next to your property is a privilege. You can work from home without many distractions and have your own setup. Many use ADUs to teach yoga and meditation, start a new business, etc. ADUs are private spaces, so there is much tranquility and peacefulness. 

Enjoy additional income by renting ADU

You can also enjoy additional monthly income by renting out the ADUs. These structures have a separate entrance, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a bathroom. So, you can rent them as standalone units. Attaching an ADU to the existing property increases the value of the property. 

BOSS ADU solutions – meets the International Building Codes

BOSS brings you automated construction and consistent quality. Our prefab homes and kits meet the International and California Building Codes. Our ADU homes are fire-resistant and energy-efficient. In addition, BOSS offers sustainable and environment-friendly structures. We use almost 35% of recycled plastic to manufacture our panels. 


The BOSS’s Permit Package

You cannot install an ADU without permits. BOSS not only offers ADU home kits, but we also offer a permit package. Our process involves three easy steps: getting the site plan, having the local building codes, and finally availing the permit. The permit package includes the following:

  • Structural drawings that have Engineer’s stamp
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • Foundation plan and custom site 
  •  FM-approval certificate

You need to submit the plan to the Department of Building and Safety. The permit package approval takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

Do you want to install an affordable accessory dwelling unit? 

Invest in modern ADU home kits from BOSS Tiny House. We are based in California, US, and have offered tiny home solutions for over 20 years. We are one of the leaders in the US for manufacturing tiny house kits and shells. Our prefab units, kits, or shells are shipped within 4 to 6 weeks. They are available at factory-direct prices. AUD is now an important form of housing. They serve different purposes for young professionals, students, families, and senior citizens. The concept of ADU has opened the doors for easy access to education and jobs for Californians. 

Avail CustomFin financing 

 Paying upfront is a hassle most of the time, but we are here to help you own a tiny house. BOSS has collaborated with CustomFin to offer great financing plans. You can access more than 300 lenders offering flexible payment plans. The interest rates are also low, starting from 3.99%. It is hassle-free owning an ADU house kit. 

Final words

Get a customized ADU, or you can design your own. Have a consultation with the team and request a quote.








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