The escalating popularity of BOSS tiny homes – The usefulness of tiny homes

Apr 07, 2023

The uptick in the popularity of tiny homes is not solely because people want to downsize. This has been well understood during the Covid-19 pandemic. During those times, people went crazy looking for isolation spaces. Having a small space of your own is always an advantage. The tiny homemakers have already started targeting clients looking for smaller units to rent out or to list on Airbnb. Many want to consider tiny homes as investment properties. You can use a tiny house as long-term as a short-term rental. 

To be considered a tiny house in the US, it should be less than 400 sq ft but now lower than 70 sq ft. But BOSS tiny homes are usually a little more spacious to serve as comfortable accessory dwellings. They are available in the form of kits, shells and prefab homes. A tiny house shell for sale can be built on a trailer or foundation, giving better mobility. 

Do you know that going tiny means caring for the environment? 

Tiny homes help to create a sustainable lifestyle. These micro-houses are highly energy-efficient, having a smaller carbon footprint. BOSS ensures that all homes are manufactured with green technology. BOSS is streamlining the supply chain using recyclable and environment-friendly materials in the walls and roofs. We have partnered with top plastic recycling companies and have decided to bring about sustainability. We manufacture the panels using waste that is formed from plastic bottles and industrial waste. Every panel that we manufacture has almost 35% recycled plastic. We promote new-age construction by replacing outdated manual processes with automated ones. BOSS prioritizes easy assembling, speedy delivery, and quality production at an affordable price.


BOSS brings the Permit Package

Order an affordable tiny house from BOSS in the US. We have been manufacturing tiny houses for more than 20 years. We are one of the leaders in manufacturing tiny home kits. Our best tiny house kits or prefab homes are available in different sizes, layouts and designs. You can have a contractor build a tiny house onsite. A tiny house without a permit is not possible. BOSS takes care of the permits, and the process takes 3 easy steps. The Permit package includes the following:

  • Get the custom site and the foundation plan
  • We provide engineer-stamp structural drawings
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • FM approval certification

You need to submit the plans to the Department of Building and Safety. Then, have the permit within 4 to 6 weeks. 

Flexible financing with CustomFin

Lower your cost by having a tiny house. There are no high utility or maintenance costs. It is possible to have a tiny house within your budget. There are no upfront costs involved because we offer finance. BOSS has partnered with CustomFin so that you have enough funds. You can choose from 300 lenders, there is ample flexibility, and our interest rates are as low as 3.99%. 

You can design your own tiny house

Design your own tiny house, or buy a tiny house shell if you are looking for something more convenient than kits and budget-friendly. BOSS’s tiny home solution offers premium ADUs, studios, living spaces, and backyard spaces. 

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