The couple Robert and Kinnaya built a fantastic ADU by Investing in The Shell Plus Kit from BOSS Tiny House.

Feb 18, 2020

Today we are here to share the story of a beautiful couple, Robert and Kinnaya who are parents to two kids and also have recently planned to use one of their own rooms of their apartment as a dog crèche. BOSS salutes to those who care for the animals and we are more than happy to offer a solution for them. Robert and Kinnaya both love dogs and they do not wish to keep the dogs separately because they feel that dogs need the human touch and must feel secure. 

Design Yours

 They both wanted an added space to live; they have their kids and are planning to keep 3-4 dogs the whole day. This is why they were planning for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). They took the help of the internet to look for a tiny house kit supplier and they also asked about tiny house shells for sale to people they know. Finally, they reached the BOSS for a solution and affordability remains of the key factors. They shared their plans with us and we immediately offered them our latest product, the Tiny House Shell Plus kit. This is our latest invention; we have worked as a team, did a lot of research about the recent trends, implemented newer technology and manufactured this amazing kit. You must know that apart from building an accessory dwelling unit, you can also use this kit to build play space for kids, office, a space for any other compact work; you can build a cabin, a home studio and more. This is the most cost-effective, DIY transformable and easy to install kit.

 They both worked together to install the Shell Plus kit in only three days, you can imagine how fast you can assemble this improved kit. The Shell Plus kit is very much apt for foundation and trailer, it’s full of advantages. Now, talking about the size, we have two sizes one is 8.5’ x 20’ which is priced at $9995 and the other slightly bigger 8.5’ x 26 and costs $12995. Robert and Kinnaya chose to have a slightly bigger one because she also has two kids; a little more space is always good. They were happy about the affordability factor but they were also looking for some funding. They happily discovered that at BOSS we offer financial assistance to those who are looking for tiny home solutions immediately. We understand that you must build a tiny home when you need it, not when you accumulate enough cash. Our BOSS Shell Plus kit can be customized and this is what they called us for, we tried to create their dream space. 

 The Shell Plus kit is ideal for an ADU, it’s so spacious, comes with amenities, we offer the two most essential facility plumbing and electrical. The Shell Plus kit has a well-insulated vaulted ceiling, the steel roof is insulated as well and we have already conducted the snow load test. The walls and frames are pre-cut which aids flawless installation in minimum time. The walls are even soft, vinyl-coated also insulated. They were very content regarding the security because the shell kit consists of double-pane lockable windows and steel doors with deadbolt locks. 

Design Yours

At BOSS we are dedicated to offering the highest value tiny house solutions. Reach us for the most useful and affordable tiny house kits for sale. BOSS is also very particular about the shipping, this Shell Plus kit is shipped in wooden crates. 










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