The Best Customizable Tiny House Kits

May 24, 2021

In the last decade, the tiny house movement has been taking the nation by storm.  With the rising cost of homes and the insurance and upkeep associated with them, many are finding it is in their best interest to downsize.  This interest in downsizing is where tiny houses come into play.  

With a wide variety of choices currently on the market, including a tiny house on trailer kit and ADU kits, the options in affordable tiny house kits are vast and wide.  Another advantage of these types of kits is that, in most cases, these tiny house kits are both customizable and affordable for the homeowner.

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It is estimated that the median price of building a tiny house on a trailer can run up to approximately 60,000 dollars.  That is not the case with a BOSS tiny house kit.  Our kits are versatile in that they can be mounted to a trailer or a foundation.  And, they are very affordable, with prices running from $9,995 for our 8.5-foot x 20-foot shell to $12,995 for our 8.5-foot x 26-foot shell.

This is an economical option for those looking for ADU kits or accessory dwelling units.  These are more commonly known for use as a mother-in-law suite, office, or studio, as well as a possible rental unit on your property.  Generally, these types of tiny houses are built off-site and delivered for set up on site which incurs higher shipping costs. With BOSS tiny house kits, you save tons on shipping.

The cost incurred in the construction of an ADU can depend on many different factors.  These factors may include:

  • Designing of the home
  • Cost and quality of the building materials
  • Any required building permits
  • Any required inspections

Currently, the average cost can be expected to run around $100 to $200 per square foot.  Going by this, you can expect a 500 square foot ADU to run you around $50,000 to $100,000 to build and will take an estimated 3-4 months for construction.  BOSS offers the most affordable prices and easiest installation at fractions of the average cost.

There are many companies that offer what they advertise as affordable tiny house kits, but it is vital that you do your research upfront, and look closely to see just what it is you get for your money.  One person’s “affordable” is not necessarily the same as another’s.  Many tiny house kits are only the outer shell, while others will offer the electrical and plumbing as well.  Make sure that you read the details so that you will not end up disappointed in the end.

Whether you are looking for a tiny house on a trailer kit, ADU kits, or affordable tiny house kits, just make sure to look closely at all the descriptions and do your due diligence.  When you decide to buy one of the affordable tiny house kits offered on the market, you will be better served going into the transaction having all the details needed beforehand. Visit to customize your tiny house kit today!

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