The art of minimalistic living – Investing in tiny house kits or ready prefab tiny homes

Jan 03, 2023

Minimalistic living is a concept that has been introduced previously. Most have accepted it because it offers a wonderful lifestyle within the budget. It is always better to have a smaller space of your own rather than not having one at all. Tiny houses are built differently; some are equipped with solar panels and some with rainwater collection. Tiny homes are designed to live off the grid and can be parked almost anywhere. There are different reasons why people choose to live in a tiny house that is generally 250 to 500 sq ft. These homes have living areas, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. You can invest in ready tiny homes or affordable tiny house kits

Customized tiny homes with a 3-year warranty

You can either live in a tiny house or put it to any other use, like a studio or a backyard house, or rent it out for additional income by offering space for fresh graduates or guests. Also, a tiny house can be a great investment during recessions because you might need to be more capable of paying big mortgages. You can buy affordable tiny house kits and have our experts install them. BOSS is helping Americans downsize by offering customized tiny homes on foundation and wheels. Buy Affordable Tiny House kits or ready prefab homes with ready plumbing and electrical facilities. Our tiny house shells come with a 3-year limited warranty and require minimal maintenance. 


BOSS tiny homes meet the international building codes

BOSS has been manufacturing tiny prefab homes and tiny house kits for over 20 years. The team has been associated with companies with rich experience of building homes, cabins, sheds and skyscrapers. All our structures are prefab and can be erected on-site. We build premium homes at a mass scale and affordable rates. BOSS Tiny House offers durable, fire-resistant, and earthquake-resistant structures. Our homes are available at factory-direct prices. The structures meet International Building Codes. Book a factory tour and explore our tiny homes in our live showroom in CA. Our homes come customized in various styles, sizes, and layouts. 

Get financing from CustomFin

A BOSS tiny house is affordable and they are usually one-time purchases. If you need more funds to pay upfront for a tiny house or a tiny house shell kit, discuss it with us. BOSS has partnered with Custom Finn and offers flexible payment plans to suit your budget. There are more than 300 moneylenders who are ready to offer loans at low-interest rates. Explore CustomFin and you can come across various financing options. You can apply for a loan if you have a decent credit limit. The interest rates are extremely low at 3.99%. There are plenty of financing options available at CustomFin. So purchasing a tiny house is simple and will not make a hole in your pocket. 

Final Words 

Only a few people find it difficult to envision tiny living. For the majority, the benefits overshadow the inconveniences. Book a free consultation today and discuss your project before you invest in a tiny house shell kit. Request a no-obligation quote.







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