The art of embracing tiny studio living – Downsizing and its positive aspects

Apr 21, 2023

Based on human psychology, people tend to consider the space they will get while downsizing. Every home has a different layout based on square footage. Some apartments have more square footage but might need to be more usable. Apartments come as studios, 1-bedroom, and more. Apartments with many rooms will be larger, but compact studios are trending now. 

Something that you can call your ‘own’

Tiny homes can be made into studios as they incorporate modern and open layouts. Avoid paying heavy rent to have a space for your purpose. Now you can have a studio that you can call your own. Usual studio apartments are larger than tiny studios, but people prefer the latter. People find tiny house space more worth living and using than a studio apartment. 

Focusing on sustainable living

You can experience clutter-free and comfortable living on a budget inside a tiny house. The tiny house wins the battle regarding square footage and proper floor space when it comes to downsizing. BOSS homes are sustainable because less space means low energy costs. You naturally spend less on utilities, maintenance, and other aspects. A studio tiny home is green and energy-efficient and has a low carbon footprint. Our homes are sustainable because BOSS panels comprise 35% recycled plastic. We have partnered with renowned global plastic recycling companies. Using recycled plastics in the manufacturing process boosts the fire resistance of the panels.


Why rely on BOSS Tiny House? Our features

BOSS is the biggest manufacturer of studio house kits in the USA. Our tiny homes come in various designs, sizes, and layouts. Some of the important features are:

  • Commercial-grade roof insulation
  • Commercial-grade wall construction
  • An impressive layout with 190-290 sq ft
  • Plywood or cement subflooring with vinyl-finished floors
  • Solid glass doors and windows for insulation

We manufacture studios that range from 190 sq ft to 290 sq ft. You can choose from different roof styles. We use ASTM-certified steel that offers insulation. The steel has seismic stability and foundation strength and is fire-resistant. BOSS structures have pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. 

Do you know the major perk of owning a tiny house?

No one else is responsible for your property. You are not filling anyone else’s pocket; it is your own property. So there is no need to worry even if you must get financing. BOSS makes sure that you surely can own a house. The freedom of owning a tiny house is priceless. BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible financing plans. We offer interest rates that are as low as 3.99%. You can access more than 300 money lenders.

The BOSS Permit Package

 You must install a tiny house with a permit package. BOSS brings you to this entire package. The Permit Package includes:

  • The custom site and foundation plan
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • Engineered stamped structural drawings
  • FM Approval Certification

Do you know what is interesting about a tiny house?

You can find a community to park almost everywhere. People who realize your intention of downsizing may be inclined to allow you to use their yard space as a temporary abode. There are RV parking stations where you can temporarily park your tiny home.

Final words – Wrapping up

Have a tiny house for additional space, investment opportunity, or live off the grid. Our BOSS homes are shipped to your location directly, saving the overall cost and time of the project. You can have a tiny studio home on foundation or one on wheels. Design your own tiny house. BOSS tiny homes are available at factory-direct prices. Please discuss your project with us and request a quote. 








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