The advantages of investing in pre-built tiny house shells

May 30, 2023

Building a tiny house is not at all an easy task and those who prefer DIY initiatives would be interested in pre-built tiny house shells. A shell is the ready structure that consists of the walls, ceiling, doors, and windows. The outer layer is prefabricated inside the factory by the experts. You can customize the interior which would not be a difficult task if you have the structure ready. Do you know that shells cost much less compared to furnished tiny homes? If you are new to tiny house living, it is favorable to invest in a shell. A prefab tiny house would cost you pretty much. Tiny house kits require skill to do the assembling so you must call upon a contractor.

Pre-installed electric and plumbing systems

There are talented builders who are hardworking and use advanced project management skills. The material should be of good quality to ensure that the tiny house lasts long and offers adequate protection. Many builders are already using low-quality materials and are cutting corners. Be sure of the reputation before making the final deal with the company. BOSS is reputed in California for manufacturing tiny homes, kits and shells for those interested in sustainable living. Our roofs and walls offer adequate insulation. The pre-built tiny house shells come with pre-built electrical and plumbing systems. We use vinyl flooring and the roof is tested to bear 30 lbs of snow load. The doors and windows are functional and have secure locking systems.


How about extra sustainability?

There has been ample advancement in technology, so BOSS has welcomed new-age construction. Manual processes have been outdated and they have been replaced by automated processes. BOSS means Built on Site Systems, so we ensure on-time delivery, easy assembling, and great quality products. Our technique is a blend of conventional processes and prefabrication, which results in building onsite. BOSS panels consist of pieces that are entirely fabricated into a single panel. This offers affordability and they are easy to work with. Our panels are made with LGS framing, a material that is known for its sustainability. This framing is durable and offers protection from moisture, termites, rust, and pests. BOSS tiny homes are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our panels are eco-friendly, they are made of 35% recycled plastic.

Our permit package

Permits are an essential part without which you cannot own a tiny house. BOSS has an easy permit procedure that includes obtaining the site plan and the local building codes from the Department of Building and Safety. Purchase the Permit Package that includes engineer stamped drawings, custom site and foundation plan, Title 24 Energy Certification and FM Approval. Once you submit the plan, get the approval within 4 to 6 weeks.

Are you ready for your tiny house?

BOSS customizes tiny home solutions depending on your usage and the budget. We have partnered with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans. We offer low interest rates that start from 3.99%. There are more than 300 lenders and get easy payment options.Want to buy a tiny house shell? Request a quote.








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