Suzanne and Ron built a new play space for their kids with the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Apr 22, 2020

This year, Suzanne and Ron have decided to provide a separate play space for their sons. Now that they are gradually growing up, the parents realize that they require a space where they can play and spend their time and the parents would be there to supervise. They live in a house which is not a very big one and the parents also want a little bit of space while their kids would be happy getting their own play space. The best thing they could do is use the space in their yard to build a play area. They did not have the budget to shift to a bigger apartment nor could they send the kids to a small apartment away from the parent’s supervision. They discussed with their friends and tried to look for affordable tiny house kits
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Now when they came to BOSS Tiny House, they were looking for small house kits and wanted to have a consultation with the experts. We discussed the efficiency of tiny house kits, they browsed through several kits and we suggested they invest in the latest and most modern BOSS Shell Plus kit. We told them more about the kit and they immediately agreed to order this kit. They did have some budget issues, but we offered them a financing solution after verifying all their details. This made things easier for them; they felt lucky that they came to BOSS Tiny House. You can get the financing option once we verify the important details because we believe that a financial crunch should not keep you away from owning a tiny house. We do all sorts of checks and verification to make sure that you are eligible for the financing option. 

Both of them decided to install the kit on their own since it’s an affordable and DIY transformable kit, the installation process is also very simple. It takes only 3 days for two people to complete the installation process. We showed them the two different sizes of the Shell Plus kit, 8.5’’ x 20’’available at $9,995 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $12,995. Since they were arranging a play space for two kids, and they got timely financing options, the parents immediately agreed to get the bigger size. 

The New Shell Plus kit is ideal for living, they were very contended after installation because it has a vaulted and spacious ceiling; a dining space; a bathroom; a kitchen; a big room where you can install a king-size bed. The parents were happy thinking that even they could spend some time there with the kids during weekends or have a space ready if they have any sudden guests visiting them. Suzanne and Ron did not have to worry about the security; the kit comes with lockable double-pane windows and steel doors having deadbolt locks. So, if you are also planning to build a play area for your kids and if you are thinking about the security, this kit is ideal for you. Also, the roof is durable, insulated and its snow-load tested. The walls are made of soft-textured vinyl and insulated. The exterior walls are also made of durable galvanized steel. You can imagine how amazing this kit is, apart from a play area it is ideal for building a cabin, studio, ADU, and home office. 

Choose BOSS tiny home kits; we manufacture quality products that ensure long-term use with complete safety. The kits are shipped very carefully in wooden crates so that it reaches your place in proper condition. Make your tiny house dreams come true by investing in BOSS kits, request for a quote.
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