Studio tiny homes playing an active role in transitioning to tiny home life

Dec 15, 2023

Studio tiny homes are the trend as they incorporate a modern and open layout. The space is smaller than average homes so you require paying lesser energy bills and low upkeep costs. You might already own a property but require another one for other purposes. For those with limited funds, tiny homes are an option. Therefore, you need not be concerned anymore if you are unable to spend for a lavish space. Utilize the yard space to have another studio tiny home. You can invest in a studio house kit, save cost, and start building your own or have a contractor assemble it for you. Those who have a little more budget can invest in ready prefab studio tiny homes.


BOSS tiny studio homes – Meet the global building regulations

All our minimalistic living spaces meet the Global Building regulations and comply with California Construction standards. We are offering a 3-year warranty on our tiny studio homes and kits. Now you can design your very own tiny home, thanks to us. Visit the BOSS configurator page for plans and we give you more than adequate customization choices. Live off the grid by investing in customized BOSS tiny homes. We transport our minimalistic living spaces to your site directly so it reduces the cost and time.

Appreciate funding from CustomFin

Are you searching for a reasonable studio tiny home? BOSS offers financing solutions without requiring any upfront payment. BOSS has become a partner with CustomFin for lucrative funding plans. We make it possible for you to connect with more than 300 money lenders, and their interest rates start as low as 3.99%. So, instant cash is not needed if you wish to own a tiny house. We understand that a lot of people do not have the right kind of fund but we have a solution to all finance issues. BOSS studio tiny homes and kits are accessible at a manufacturer-direct cost.

Minimalism on the rise

Due to an enormous increase in demand, tiny homes have gained a lot of popularity in the United States. These extra spaces incorporate your ADU, studio, lodge, and play space. Property costs are soaring, so minimalistic living spaces have been a stress-reliever for most in the USA. Tiny homes were initially developed with the intention of ending homelessness. But they have evolved into a widely accepted concept worldwide.

BOSS believes in sustainability

BOSS has been providing sustainable solutions in the USA for over 20 years. We are one of the top makers of tiny home kits and prefab structures. All our studio house kits come with preinstalled plumbing and electrical fittings. Our tiny homes come in a variety of sizes, designs, and layouts. We would encourage you to have a studio tiny home close to your property or to have one that you can move around from one location. Residing in a minimalistic home means walking toward sustainability. The low energy consumption of tiny homes results in long-term savings. We have created environmentally friendly solutions that lower the carbon footprint. We offer eco-accommodating development with practically 35% reused plastic. Our houses are green and use less energy. 

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