Start your own nail salon with DIY tiny cabin kits

Mar 24, 2022

The beauty industry is full of opportunities. Perfect for busy mums, entrepreneurs, and nail enthusiasts, starting as a nail technician can be a fun and creative way to make a living. All you have to do is master the skills, set your own hours and create a place where you genuinely enjoy working. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to lease a commercial space to run a successful business. You can start from scratch and then make your business mobile. The DIY tiny cabin kits from BOSS can serve as the ideal space for your new venture. With some unique designs and clear aesthetics, you can step up the value of your salon, potentially drawing in more customers. You can go mobile with a tiny house on trailer kit or go for a stationary one on a build on a foundation. 

If you are searching for a space that provides the best experience for both customers and employees, here are the advantages of investing in tiny house kits from BOSS. 

Functional and Aesthetic

In an industry based on making individuals look and feel good, nail salons need to maintain an aesthetic, professional and sophisticated look. Creating a memorable visit depends on the interior decor, comfort, and service. The DIY tiny cabin kits from BOSS include spacious interiors and high-vaulted ceilings. All the interior furnishing and accessories arrive from renowned brands to create a space that resonates with your brand. Our experts help curate an interior that matches your aesthetic. You can customize your mobile salon using the BOSS all-in-one package.The kits have a three-year warranty and come in sizes 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′. However, you can opt for bigger or smaller kits, as per your requirements.

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Pre-installed Plumbing and Electrical Facilities

A vital reason for customers visiting nail salons is for relaxation. Many see this as a time to unwind and treat themselves to a little pamper session. BOSS tiny house kits include pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. The amenities reduce additional expenses,

 installation time and help maintain optimal hygiene standards. In addition, the Built On-Site System and detailed installation guide further ease the installation procedure. You can hire a local contractor or complete the entire setup in three days with the help of two people. The tiny house on trailer kits includes ASTM- certified steel structures and soft-textured vinyl-coated walls for insulation. The walls reflect light and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the day.

Home Loan

Starting a business is not easy. BOSS offers a tiny home loan facility for aspiring entrepreneurs. The home loan gets sanctioned in minutes once you fill out the paperwork and meet the eligibility criteria. After the sanction, you can get in touch with our professionals and begin customizing your dream salon in no time. 

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Running your own business has its perks. All it needs is vision and hard work. Buy Affordable Tiny House kits and customize your own salon today. Reach out to us on our helpline (323) 380-4304. Get in touch with professionals and request a free consultation session. Request and no-obligation quote now.

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