Start The New Year At Your Own Personal Tiny House

Jan 02, 2020

Maybe you have planned a lot of things in the new year but are you going to start this year at your old house? Why don’t you plan something super-cool this year, like a new home or a creative place to set free your inner artist or yoga guru or just want an exciting work-place? Tiny House Kits can be at your assistance to build your place of salvation.

Design Yours

Very recently, BOSS has brought in a new type of material for their iconic Tiny Home Kits. This unique material is called Shell-Plus. It is much lighter yet stronger than the previous versions of the main component of Tiny House Kits

Just a few days ago, BOSS launched two new models of Tiny Home Kits. One is 8.5’x20,’ and the other one is 8.5’x26’. Both of the models are exceptionally well suited for foundation mode and trailer mode. If you buy one tiny house kit, you can quickly assemble it in just 3days. BOSS always sends their remarkable tiny home kits packaged inside sturdy wooden crates. Besides, BOSS Tiny House Kits are covered in a 3-year long warranty.

The new material Shell-Plus has gone through many tests and experiments to ensure your BOOS Tiny House Kit should withstand extreme weather conditions. For example, the roofs of every BOSS Tiny Home Kits are tested under 30 lbs/sq ft heavy snow. 

No matter where you live in the USA, the Tiny House Kit manufacturers will provide you the best available tiny house kits.

In these new models, the extremely durable ribbed galvanized steel exterior walls surface and soft textured vinyl coated insulated interior walls will keep you safe from extreme temperature conditions. The Shell Plus material is also used in insulation of the vaulted roofs of each tiny house to enhance the durability.

Every BOSS, tiny house kits are available with electricity and sanitation facilities. Both the 8.5’x20’ and 8.5’x26’ come with a dedicated full-sized rest-rooms. Besides that, you will have enough space for a full-size kitchen cabinet along with a mid-size fridge and a dedicated dining area.

Moreover, the tiny house is spacious enough; it can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people. Tiny houses can also be used as a refuge for your growing kids. Apart from that, you can also ask for extra storage space included in your tiny home kits. It will increase the storage facility of your personal abode. 

Now, if you are concerned about security, let me inform you that every tiny house kits are equipped with steel doors and deadbolt lock mechanism.

If you want to know more about your personal tiny home kits, you can have it here. BOSS is offering double pane lockable sliding windows to ensure you get enough sunlight with security.

Design Yours

The Built-On Site System of BOSS Tiny House Kits are highly customizable, and you can alter the interior designs as per your choice. The new BOSS line of transformable DIY kits is made of Shell Plus material, which will ensure the longevity of your tiny personal house. With a one-time investment in a BOSS DIY Tiny House Kit, you can enjoy a lifetime of solitude. As the BOSS tiny house kits are made of Shell Plus material, which is light yet extremely sturdy in nature. Besides that, you can also ask for almost infinite customization for your tiny personal house.







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