Sophia built an ADU for her ill mother all because she wanted the old lady to stay with the family

Apr 09, 2020

Sophia was bringing her mom back and now she decided to keep her mom in Sophia’s house. This was indeed a great idea because now her mom is not keeping well but she worried that her house is really small and she has kids who are extremely naughty. Thinking that apart from enjoying the grandchildren, the old lady would also like to rest and have her own space. Now, she was a single mother and managing the expenses she could not afford to get an apartment of her own and it was not even possible to shift her mother to any other place which would be far from Sophia’s home.  Discussing with a friend who already chose a tiny house solution from BOSS, she called us for the same. We have experts here to take care of your requirements, looking into the matter we suggested she build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) attached to her existing house.

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Well, she considered it as a pretty cost-saving solution and she could keep her mom beside her and when she would go to work the mother would not feel very lonely because the kids would be back from school and the kids would be home during holidays. We suggested Sophia to invest in the most modern BOSS invention, the Tiny House Shell Plus kit. We are the leading suppliers of tiny house kits in the US and we manufacture various types of kits and offer according to your requirements. This new kit is manufactured after a lot of research implementing newer technologies.

So, Sophia invested in Shell Plus, she took the help of her son who is already a teenager to install the kit and the entire process took on 3 days so now you know how less time it takes to install a modern tiny house shell kit. The kit is available in two sizes, 8.5’ x 20’ and 8.5’ x 26’ and the prices are $9995 and $12995 respectively. Sophia always had a budget constraint but this time she happily invested in the bigger one, also because we were ready to offer a financing aid for it. She was amazed to receive the facility and BOSS kits are also quite affordable and we care for your requirements and we try to ensure that anyone who needs a tiny house would be able to get it immediately and you can pay us in installments without any interest. Now, she implemented her ideas and wanted us to customize the ADU so that the space is ideal for her mother, she can live and relax.

The kit was of much help because it came with an already existing plumbing and electrical systems. The kit after installation creates a spacious ADU and all amenities exist which makes it ideal for living. The ceiling is vaulted and well-insulated, the roof is insulated as well and snow load tested. It has pre-cut walls and frames which make installation easier, the walls are vinyl coated.  Sophia was very content with the security factor, the Shell Plus kit has steel doors with deadbolt locks and double-pane windows that are lockable.

Now like Sophia if you also wish to have your own ADU, cabin, home office or play space for kids, choose tiny house shells for sale. The Shell Plus kit is very easy to install, it’s one of the most preferred DIY transformable kits. Our tiny house shell kits are of the highest value and we are known for offering the most affordable yet effective tiny house shell kit. We are very careful when shipping is concerned; all our kits are shipped in wooden crates to ensure the kit reaches in proper condition without damage. Request BOSS for a quote.
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