Simplify Living by Embracing Pre-built Tiny House Shells

May 24, 2024

The contemporary purchasing population, which primarily consists of millennials and Gen Z, is increasingly embracing minimalist living that is simple and helps save in the long run. The pre-built tiny house shells are one of the most versatile and efficient solutions to add to the list of minimalist living. These structures are factory-made and are easy to install without wasting much time, money, or effort. Besides, the confined and well-designed layout helps to maintain the space with only essentials without stuffing the space with unnecessary objects and furniture. 

When we speak about simplified living, it is all about sustainability and eco-friendly practices that help in building and saving both the planet and your hard-earned money. It is already mid-2024, and we are no longer fascinated by the big mansions or extensively spread bungalows. Most people are concerned about maintaining a small yet functional space that meets their requirements and saves on building and maintenance expenses. The tiny house shell for sale is a reliable and practical choice for contemporary homeowners who are planning to add additional space to their property. 

Here are a few benefits of opting for tiny house shells instead of going for traditional constructions. 


Commercial grade constructions:

The tiny houses are made from commercially sourced materials that are weatherproof and extremely durable to handle external challenges. Besides, this construction includes interlocking panels that are easy to install. The panels are also FM-approved class 1 fire-resistant, which ensures safety from fire hazards. While the walls are 3” thick, the roofs are 5” thick and can endure a snow load of 30lbs/sqft.

Standard and convenient doors and windows:

The tiny house manufacturers make sure to install doors and windows that meet the requirements of the concerned departments. The doors meet the ADA standards, and so are convenient for unrestricted access of the specially abled. The windows are made from double-glazed glass, which ensures excellent insulation and helps maintain a comfortable environment in varied weather conditions. 

Meeting the laws and codes:

Another useful feature of the tiny house structures is that when brought from a reliable manufacturer, they meet the required codes and standards. BOSS tiny houses meet the California building codes and come with a permit package. The permit package includes stamped structural drawings, Title 24 energy certification, FM approval certification, custom site, and foundation plan. This package makes the approval procedure simple, convenient, and fast, which could be received in 4 to six weeks from submission. 

Sustainable and environment friendly:

In addition to adhering to the rules and regulations of the concerned departments, the pre-built tiny house shells also meet sustainability needs. BOSS uses 35% recyclable materials for construction, thus making for an eco-friendly option. Moreover, factory-made construction also helps to cut down on waste generation and keep the environment clean and clutter-free.

BOSS tiny houses come with financing options

You can buy tiny house shell from BOSS for their quality assurance and standout features. BOSS tiny houses come pre-installed with plumbing and electrical solutions that make the installation easy and effective. However, the best thing about BOSS is that it comes with multiple financing solutions. BOSS has tied up with CustomFin financing and has over 300+ lenders offering financial help with rates as low as 3.99%. Visit the BOSS website now for more details.








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