Simona invested in the BOSS Shell Plus kit to build her own ADU in her yard

Aug 10, 2020

Simona wanted to have a bigger space; she could not decide immediately as she did have a limited budget. She shared her concerns with her colleagues, and she came to know about BOSS Tiny House. She immediately started researching the internet for a tiny home, and she could find out that it’s a budget solution, something that she could easily opt for. She visited our BOSS website, saw the various models, and finally called our experts for a consultation. 

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At BOSS, we welcome clients for consultation; we know that you could have various queries. We suggested Sim invest in an ADU, accessory dwelling unit. She was staying in her own home, thus attaching an ADU was the easiest for her. If you are living in an apartment, installing ADU kits is not a feasible option. Now she could use her yard in building that extra shelter. We introduced her to the very modern and innovative Shell Plus kit. Simona was impressed that it’s incredibly affordable and can be installed DIY, which would save some cost. Also, the kit comes with a 3 years warranty. 


Install your ADU kit in only 3 days – have someone to help you

She immediately thought of attaching an ADU, the idea was a super hit, and she wanted to confirm the kit she wanted and the payment process. But now we know that many of you have a budget constraint and good news for the clients. BOSS is offering the Tiny House Loan; it gets approved within a few minutes. It’s a comfortable financing option for the clients so that all can own a tiny house just when they require it. You can order our kits online, and the kits are shipped in wooden crates. Simona was happy to receive the kit in good condition, and it took her 3 days to install the structure with the help of her family. It is very easy to install the kit; any layman can do it within a short time. But in case you have no plans to install it yourself, you can hire a contractor to do it for you. BOSS kits have a built-on-site system, so they install it on your site. 


The salient features of the Shell Kit:

Using the Shell Plus kit, you can build a tiny house of your choice for your purpose. Apart from an ADU, you can erect a studio, home office, play zone for kids, a comfortable cabin, in-law suite, and more. So, here is taking a look at some of the essential features of the kit:

  • The interior is very spacious
  • The steel is well insulated 
  • The kit comes with pre-fitted electrical and plumbing fixtures
  • Built-on-site systems and easy installation in 3 days
  • There are off-grid options that have extra water-tanks. 


We give you size options – our kits are affordable

Simona asked us the cost to build an ADU, so we gave her two choices. She could invest in the bigger size kit that measures 8.5′ x 26 and is available at $12995. Also, we have a smaller size of 8.5′ x 20′ at $9995. You can choose the one that fits your requirements and budget. 

 Do you have an ADU plan ready, we can help you to choose the right ADU kit? BOSS offers the best value kits to the customers.

Refer to the website to know more about the interior and exterior of the Shell Plus it. Request us for a quote.

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