Simona and John built an ADU for their elder child and grand-mom before welcoming their second one

Apr 24, 2020

Parents do a lot of pre-planning when they plan to bring a baby into their lives. This is why we got a call from the soon-to-be parent couple Simona and John. They already have one child and now they feel that their home is not very big, they need an additional space before they welcome their second one. The new baby needs to stay with the parents all the time while the big one would feel lonely sometimes or might get a bit bored. Simona’s mother-in-law stays with her in the same house so this time she has plans of building a new ADU in their yard where she could prepare an ideal space for the old lady and her first child. They came to our store for a discussion related to this, we shared with them that we get calls or meet clients who look for a similar kind of solution. We suggest investing in our affordable tiny house kits. 

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A separate ADU is ideal where their son who is already 6 years old can play comfortably with his toys under the supervision of the grandmother and the parents can look after the newborn baby. We suggest if you do not have sufficient space in the house, an ADU is a very good idea. They also planned that in case they have guests coming; they could arrange a space for them without hesitation. BOSS has been offering various types of customized solutions and we are now the experts in California in manufacturing tiny house kits, our kits are world-class. We suggested they explore the all-new inexpensive and DIY transformable kit from BOSS, the Shell Plus kit. They invested in this kit which is very easy to install, it took only 3 days for the couple to assemble. We suggest our clients build it on their own but in case you cannot install it yourself, we have built-on-site systems and you can hire a contractor to install it for you at minimal charges.

They installed it and it was immediately ready to move in, they got in touch with us for customizing the interiors. The couple was very cautious about the safety, our kits offer doors made of steel and with deadbolt locks, also windows with proper locks and double-pane. Security comes first when you are planning to keep old people and kids there. The ADU would be in your yard or driveway, thus supervision is possible.

Simona and John were satisfied to discover that the ADU is ideal for living, we told them the same to them when they came to us for a consultation. But now after seeing the superb unit after installation is a different feeling. They wrote to us “Thank You, BOSS, for this kit. We are very happy, our son loves it and we are now free from worries.” The kit has a master bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, utility space, a loft for relaxing. The roof is now-load tested and insulated, the exterior and interior walls are insulated, the interior wall is vinyl-coated and soft, there are pre-cut frames for easy installation. This kit is ideal for building on the foundation and trailers.

The kits are available in two sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’ priced at $9,995 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $12,995. They chose the bigger one and they did have the necessary funds. But, in case you are looking for a tiny house solution and you do not have enough funds, do not worry because we offer financing solutions. We verify and offer you aid only if you are eligible, we follow a reliable procedure to ensure you qualify for the financing.

​Choose BOSS for the best value small house kits for sale, you can build your cabin, play area, studio, and home office as well. If you find their story inspiring, you can also make your dreams come true by investing in the Shell Plus kit. Request us for a quote and we will send it within one day.

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