Setup Comfortable Home Office – Invest In BOSS’s Tiny House

Jun 09, 2021

For most of you, investing in a brick-and-mortar commercial building to set up your office might seem to be expensive. You want to look for something cost-effective as well as functional. A suitable alternative would be the DIY tiny house kits of BOSS. These are affordable and easy to assemble. Set up a comfortable workstation in your backyard with the help of these DIY tiny house kits

Get rid of monotony 

Sitting in front of the laptop and working continuously is a tiresome process. Sometimes, you need a break. However, as the maxim goes, “The show must go on,” you cannot stop your work all of a sudden and go out for a vacation. In such a case, you can use the tiny house kits on wheels and assemble your office area in a preferable location. Be it the mountains or the seas, the tiny house kits on wheels of BOSS can be assembled in any location at ease. You are sure to love working amidst nature.

Assembling and setting up tiny house kits 

Wondering how you would manage everything? The best tiny house kits of BOSS feature pre-installed plumbing and electricity. So, to set up an office immediately, you don’t have to call a plumber and electrician. While the plumbing facility features a PEX pipe, water inlet, drain pipe, and an optional water heater, the electricity package includes wirings, switches, power inlets, power outlets, and light. Further, these tiny house kits can be assembled within three days, provided two people associate themselves in the assembling process. Therefore, zero cost for hiring contractors. Follow the instructions as provided in the BOSS manual, and your office space will be assembled without any hassle. 

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Size and features of tiny house 

BOSS’s best tiny house kits are available in two sizes – 16’ x 40’ and 24’ x 80’. Both are spacious, have tall ceilings, and are constructed with sturdy steel along with insulation. You don’t need to doubt the safety of staying in these tiny house kits as they have lockable double-pane windows. The outer walls of the tiny house are coated with vinyl and have a soft texture. Moreover, the tiny house kits of BOSS are ASTM-certified, thereby making them a perfect choice for setting up a workstation. 

Customized tiny house kits

The Shell Plus kit of BOSS tiny house kits is customizable. Convey your requirements for the office space to the professionals of BOSS, and your demands will get fulfilled. These houses are affordable and available in a variety of colors, sizes, finishes, and looks. The interior of the tiny house kits of BOSS is divided into shells. You can use these divisions to divide your work at your convenience and manage things comfortably. 

Staying inside the tiny home office all night

Besides, if any day you are bogged down with too much work and need to complete it within a deadline, you can stay back at these tiny houses. Wondering how that is possible? Well, the tiny house kits of BOSS have ample space inside that can accommodate a full-size bed. Hence, you can stay back safely at night, finish your work and take rest as well. 

Final words 

Therefore, if you want to set up an office space quickly and within a limited budget, none can be better than the tiny house kits of BOSS. Want to get detailed information about tiny house kits? Contact with the professionals of BOSS. 

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