Setting up an ADU in the yard means more space and more savings

Oct 15, 2020

An accessory dwelling unit is a new trend; it has always existed, but now these units are improved, modern, and easier to build than ever before. You don’t need to worry anymore if you cannot find a living space according to your budget. BOSS designs ADU kits that are DIY and extremely affordable. When you have a spacious yard and need a bigger home, start utilizing the yard space to build it yourself.

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Are you not a builder and not confident enough? BOSS ADU kits are made for homeowners who did not construct a tiny house themselves. We have recently designed and launched the Shell Plus kit to build your ADU seamlessly. If you invest in tiny home kits, you are closer to your dream of having a spacious home. Dwelling units, as the name suggests, are more than perfect. 


DIY transformable kit – Easy assembling:

BOSS designs affordable tiny home kits, but every client does not have similar requirements. Talk to our experts related to your needs, and we customize kits according to your choice. Our kits come with simple instructions so that it’s easier to install. This kit is affordable and is very easy to assemble. It takes only 3 days for 2 people to assemble the kit. We are also offering 3 years limited warranty on this DIY transformable kit.  


Built-on-site systems – ideal for dwelling: 

BOSS ADU kits have a built-on-site facility; if you do not choose to assemble it yourself, ask a renowned contractor to do it for you. Some qualified contractors can perform flawless assembling. The Shell Plus kit comes with benefits, the kit has electrical and plumbing systems already installed. This saves a lot of time and labor costs. When assembled, the kit offers a very spacious interior, ideal for a living; you can have a master room, a spacious kitchen, a dining space, a storage space, a bathroom, and an optional loft space. We give a lot of importance to insulation; it’s a priority. So, the walls and the roofs are insulated; the doors and windows have secure locks. This kit is ideal for building on the trailer and the foundation. 


The BOSS Tiny House Loan:

Now we shall discuss the most important part, funds. A tiny house is not an option when you are leading a lavish lifestyle. So, we meet clients who seriously have a very tight budget and intend to help them out. BOSS believes in offering tiny house kits to all, mainly when they need one. We have so far never let anyone down, and this is why we have introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan. This is a fast-approval loan; it takes less than 5 minutes to be approved only if you are eligible for it. We have easy financing, which is one reason why clients love BOSS and trust our product. 


Request for a quote: 

We have plenty of clients who have ordered ADU kits; they are elated that they now have a tiny house. You can visit our website to know about tiny homes and read what clients feel about us, our kits. Are you planning to build a tiny house but cannot make the final decision? Talk to our experts for a consultation, and we have a solution for you. Choose BOSS for tiny house kits.

For more information, please refer to our website, request a quote. 

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