Set Up a Quick Home Office with the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Nov 05, 2020

Do you wish to open up a home office, a cozy space from where you can work? Many have decided to work from home during this pandemic, but they are also worried about potential distractions. If you have similar plans, then it’s a great idea to use the yard space to set up your own home office. It would be a peaceful space to work yet close to your property. 

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BOSS customizing as per your requirements

Finding space is a pretty expensive affair these days, and some so many people require additional space. BOSS Tiny House can put an end to all your space requirements. We offer tiny home kits that are modern and extremely affordable. We operate in the USA and are very reputed for manufacturing and supplying various types of tiny house kits for sale. During this global pandemic, BOSS is catering to so many clients who are looking for affordable spaces for multiple reasons. Now you do not need a lot of money to have your own space. 

BOSS designs the best return-on-investment kits; our kits are customized based on your requirements. You can specify your needs and we customize your kits based on that. Every kid is different, and the quality varies from one manufacturer to another. BOSS assures quality; our kits are designed from superior quality materials. 

The Shell Plus kit comes with a 3 years warranty

We have already launched the Shell Plus kit, a DIY transformable kit that is super affordable and comes with a 3 years warranty. This kit is ideal for building a tiny house on foundation and wheels. The Shell Plus is suitable for creating a cabin, studio, home office, guest room, playroom, in-law suite, etc. BOSS kits are the best value; we aim to offer complete tiny home solutions to our customers. 

The two different sizes of the Shell Plus kit

The Shell Plus kit is available in two varying sizes, 8.5″ x 20″ and 8.5″ x 26″; the former is available for $9,999 and the other for $12,995. A considerable advantage is that the kit has electricals and plumbing systems are pre-installed. Our Shell Plus kit allows you to build your own home office. This DIY kit comes with clear instructions so that it’s easy for any layman to build. The kit is very simple and hassle-free to install; it takes only 2 people and 3 days to assemble the Shell Plus. You need not be a pro to build a tiny space; you do not require a contractor’s assistance. But if you do not have the time or will to build yourself, hire a local contractor for the onsite building. 

 Do not have sufficient funds and still require a tiny house? 

 Please apply for the BOSS Tiny House Loan; it takes 5 minutes to get approved after checking the eligibility. If you are looking for tiny house shells for sale, your search ends at BOSS. Refer to our website to know more about BOSS Tiny House, our products. You do not need to worry about transportation; the kit is transported in wooden crates for safety and free shipping. Reach us for a consultation, request for a quote.

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