Set out on a full-blown road trip with tiny house on trailer kit

Feb 18, 2022

Imagine traveling at your own pace, exploring new cuisines, and experiencing new cultures. The enticing thought becomes a reality with the tiny house on trailer kit, as you can travel anywhere on your whim. From waking up at new places, parking your home by a lake, nestling in a forest, or camping in a valley- the possibilities are endless! Buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS that offer the perfect amalgamation of space, security, mobility, and utility. Choose from customizable layouts, flexible sizes, and upgradable features to curate your mobile retreat. 

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If you are planning for a change in scenery? Keep on reading to find out the perks of investing in DIY cabin kits by BOSS.  

Lightweight Units for a Safe Adventure 

Opting for a lightweight tiny house on trailer kit with evenly distributed weight is crucial when finalizing a layout. The lower the weight, the easier it is to tow. At BOSS, our experts offer professional guidance to make your journey safe, enjoyable, and comfortable. Each tiny home comes with a 3-year warranty and sizes 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’. However, the trailer can be bigger and spacious or smaller and compact depending on your specifications. Size is just a number and can be altered. 

Customizable Options to make living easier 

Discovering offbeat places has its own wanderlust allure. To make your transition, easier BOSS offers customizable options to curate your perfect road trip habitat. The prefab structures of each tiny kit are custom-made in different sizes, colors, shapes, designs, and layouts to keep the coziness of your home intact. Our experts manufacture the roofs and doors using high-quality ASTM-certified steel. Each unit has a detailed installation manual for DIY enthusiasts and takes three days to install if you hire two skilled laborers. The DIY cabin kits also include pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems to make lifestyle easier.

BOSS home loan – Financial freedom to better living 

Traveling is great, but a home loan to buy affordable tiny house kits is quite a relief. After the pandemic, people are looking forward to traveling, and the tiny homes can be a safe retreat. The biggest asset is the home loan that gets sanctioned in minutes and requires a hassle-free verification process. Once you meet the eligibility criteria, expect the loan to arrive within five minutes. The loan gives you the financial freedom to get the tiny dream space that makes traveling joyful and comfortable. 

Secured double pane windows and soft-textured insulated walls

Windows act as a peephole to the outside world, giving you sneak peeks of the picturesque surroundings. If you are looking to customize your mobile home, choosing the ideal window for adequate ventilation, protection, and light is essential. To keep your valuables safe no matter where you decide to park, the tiny home kits by BOSS have lockable double-pane windows. You can lock the windows while you are away and store things safely. The availability of customization options also gives end-users freedom to opt for add-on features and increase space efficiency. 

The soft-textured vinyl-coated insulated walls are aesthetically pleasing and offer good insulation. In addition, the panels help maintain ambient conditions, prevent the entry of external heat or cold, and reflect the light making the room appear airy and spacious. 

Final Words

Traveling with your own bed, kitchen, and bathroom sounds cool. Get the DIY home kits from BOSS to build your own traveling abode. Contact us at 310-350-3352 and get ready to explore. Request a quote.

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