Scared to leap into entrepreneurship? Have a home office by installing a tiny house shell

Feb 28, 2023

Do you need to rent a space because you want to begin the journey of entrepreneurship? The roads can be very challenging because you need to have funds and resources ready. Renting a commercial space initially is challenging for most budding entrepreneurs. It is a huge investment and what if your business does not flourish to a good extent? We always want you to stay in funds by paying heavy rent. A good way to start could be from home itself. We understand that your home cannot become a busy workplace and you are worried about balancing family and work. You can use the backyard to install a tiny house. You might be interested in a prefab tiny home, a tiny house shell or even investing in kits. It all depends on your budget and time. 

BOSS shells have customization options

A prefab tiny house will cost more than a tiny house shell or kit but comes with all types of customizations. You might be interested in customizing yourself so we suggest you invest in a tiny house shell for sale. A shell is an empty structure with all basic facilities but no customizations. Many people in the USA choose to invest in these hollow structures. BOSS Tiny House is one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits. Our shells are built with durability, robustness, and safety. Our shells ensure the complete integrity of the structure, which one cannot have in a DIY building experience. You can order a tiny house shell considering your requirements and space capacity. Once the shell is installed, you can move forward with the layout and interior. You can also have us help you with ideas and customizations. 


What is special about BOSS tiny homes?

BOSS uses durable ASTM-certified steel panels that have PIR insulation and are corrosion-resistant. We use galvanized metal for manufacturing tiny homes. The roof is also insulated and can ensure a snow load of 30 pounds. BOSS tiny homes have interiors that are climate controlled and have fire resistance. The tiny homes are Title 24 Certified and energy-efficient. BOSS implements green technology that reduces the carbon footprint and waste production. We use 35% of recycled plastic while manufacturing our products. 

We have teamed up with CustomFin

We understand how important the budget is for you. You might not want to pay upfront and still own a tiny house. We talk to many customers who have fund crises and are ready to pay later. So, we have an idea for you. How about owning a tiny home first and then paying in parts? This is all about financing which is helpful for those who wish to avoid paying upfront. BOSS has partnered with the very renowned CustomFin to offer easy financing plans. There are more than 300 lenders who are willing to give home loans at low-interest rates. The lowest interest rate is 3.99%, and the flexible financing solutions are designed to suit all budgets. You can choose from plenty of financing options to have the tiny house of your dreams. 

BOSS Tiny Homes – A well-accepted concept

The journey of tiny homes started with the motive to solve the problem of homelessness. That dates back to more than a couple of decades ago, but now tiny homes are everywhere. You can use it as an ADU, cabin, home office, play space for kids, backyard, and more. The tiny house market has grown by leaps and bounds. People have started accepting minimalism as a way towards sustainability. You can invest in a tiny house shell for sale and have the rest of the money invested in other business areas. It can be a risk-free investment for those planning a new business. 

Wrapping up – Get the BOSS tiny house

BOSS in the USA offers modern tiny homes in the USA, they can be installed on foundations and wheels. The systems are shipped directly to you and can be linked easily to save the total time and cost of the project. We deliver homes, kits, or shells within 4 to 6 weeks. BOSS products are available at factory-direct prices. Our structures meet the International Building Codes and offer the Permit Package. Request a quote now. Book a consultation today to learn more. You can design your own tiny house.







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