Save the expenses of buying a bigger home by showing your interest in BOSS’s Shell Plus kit

May 10, 2021

You do not need to buy an expensive bigger home when you have the option of installing an accessory dwelling unit in the yard. The housing prices have seriously gone up, and most cannot afford to rent, buying or building a spacious home. Traditional construction always existed but prefabricated structures are gaining popularity. Tiny homes are solving space issues for many who have a specific budget yet require a bigger space. 

It has been observed that people usually use an ADU as an in-law suite, rooms for kids or rent it out. For instance, you can have your aging mother stay with you inside the ADU. When she goes back to her country home, you can rent it to others or have travelers stay there. Tiny homes are now solving space problems and can be put to many uses. All you need to do is to invest in tiny home kits

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An ADU is attached to the main property

The easiest and reasonable solution would be to invest in ADU kits and build a space for yourself. Traditional construction requires masonry skills but a non-specialist can assemble tiny homes. The designing and manufacturing are completed inside the factory unit. The kits or shell kits are then transported to the site for assembling. Tiny homes can be installed DIY if you follow the lucid instructions. An ADU is attached to the main property, but you can build an ADU as a standalone structure.

Bigger Shells from BOSS Tiny House

Building an ADU out of tiny house kits is a popular solution in the USA. BOSS is one of the experienced and renowned tiny house shell kit manufacturers in the USA. We have seen many clients utilizing their backyard to build ADUs. BOSS has introduced Shell Plus kits that are not tiny anymore. Now get bigger structures 16’x 40′ and 24′ x 80 within your budget. BOSS stands for built-on-site systems, and we encourage DIY building to save labor costs. A home that attaches an ADU falls under separate zoning regulations. Also, an accessory dwelling unit utilizes water and energy from the main building. 

The Shell Plus kit takes 3 days when 2 people are completing the DIY installation. This kit is already facilitated with electricals and plumbing facilities. It’s a DIY transformable kit that is apt to build a cabin, studio, home office, ADU, play space for kids, and more.

Easy financing options from BOSS

Financing is the biggest factor when it comes to investing in tiny house kits.  BOSS has introduced easy financing via the BOSS Tiny House Loan to solve the crisis of the clients. We have a separate department to look into the financing. We check the eligibility and approve the loan in less than 5 minutes. This financing option has been so helpful to many who could not afford to buy tiny home kits in a single investment. 

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Discuss your project with the BOSS experts and order an ADU kit. BOSS ships fast, and the kits are packed in sturdy wooden crates to prevent any damage. You can book a consultation with the BOSS team for customized solutions. Explore the BOSS website for tiny home kits for sale—request for a quote.

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