Save cost by investing in BOSS’s pre-built tiny house shells

Oct 19, 2023

Pre-built tiny house shells involve hiring a contractor or a little DIY building initiative. This is great if you are looking for cost-saving options. A tiny house shell includes roofing, flooring, doors, windows, and other accessories. Imagine you have an empty structure: you can customize the way you like. The tiny house framework is manufactured and designed inside the production facility, while the shell needs the interior and exterior, including the finishing touches. When you invest in a shell, you are left with plenty of customization options. These structures can be set on foundations or trailers. 


BOSS offers the Permit Package

Permit is the most important factor while planning to build a tiny house. You cannot escape permission to have a legal tiny home on your premises. Our Permit Package contains FM approval certification, engineer-stamped structural drawing, and Title 24 Energy certification. Submit the permit package to the Department of Building and Safety and get approval within 4 to 6 weeks. BOSS tiny house shell kits are manufactured from ASTM-certified steel.

The advantages of using recycled plastic 

BOSS focuses on restructuring the supply chain by utilizing recycled materials. We manufacture sustainable tiny homes that are environmentally-friendly. We have decided to use recycled plastic for the manufacturing of our panels. BOSS uses 35% recycled plastic during the manufacturing process. The recycled plastic used offers fire resistance to the BOSS. Our panels have higher degrees of insulation, which helps keep the carbon footprint low. 

Financing available at low interest rates

Do you want to avoid paying upfront while investing in a tiny house shell for sale? You should not avoid the wish of owning a tiny space, so not being able to make upfront payments should not hinder you. BOSS presents you with a lucrative payment facility where we have partnered with CustomFin. You can choose from different financing plans. There are more than 300 lenders and different customizable financing plans. We offer low-interest rates that start from 3.99%.

Our tiny home shells meet the International Building Codes

BOSS is one of the leading companies manufacturing pre-built tiny house shells for over 20 years. The renowned companies let you choose from tiny house shell designs. You can save a lot of money by doing the interior work yourself. Use the savings to finish the tiny house shell. Our pre-built tiny house shells are equipped with electrical and plumbing facilities. BOSS tiny houses come with a 3-year warranty. Our pre-built tiny house shells meet International Building Codes. Prefab tiny house shells are sustainable and have adequate flexibility. The tiny structures are automated and built based on shape, size, and layout. All our products are affordable and available at manufacturer-direct pricing. 

Final words

Do you wish to buy a tiny house shell? Explore our online inventory for prefab tiny homes and shells. You can have a consultation with the experts for customized tiny homes.

We will guide you toward finding a perfect tiny home shell matching your requirements. Request a quote.








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