Robert Has an ADU Attached to His Home so That His Mother Could Stay with Them – BOSS Uniting Families

May 11, 2020

After his father passed away, Robert was planning to bring his old mother to his place but he was worried about the accommodation. They have a small home in California where he has his two daughters, his wife and a pet. He knew well that this old lady needed her space and also could not stay alone in a separate apartment far away. Robert did not have a huge income so after managing his family, he did not have any budget to buy a bigger house or shift to an apartment. He started discussing things with his colleagues and after all the good suggestions; he chose to invest in a tiny house.

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He found BOSS offering tiny house shells for sale after researching the internet rigorously, without wasting time he called BOSS and shared his story with us so that we could offer him an ideal suggestion. In case you are interested in a tiny home solution; book a consultation with us firstly if you are clueless about what kind of tiny house solution to choose. Now for Robert the easiest would be to build an ADU (accessory dwelling unit). These are extensions and can be attached to your existing home very easily right in the yard. So, this would help him save money and keep his mother with the rest of the family but allowing the much-needed peace.

We suggested him to invest in the BOSS Shell Plus kit, a modern tiny house shell kit that is affordable, DIY transformable and comes with a 3 years warranty. BOSS is the leading manufacturer of tiny home kits in California and by now we have so many happy clients. We have stories to say about how tiny homes have helped several people to actually make more space when they need it. We are offering financing service to all our clients who need and quality for the same. We spoke to Robert regarding the same, he qualified for it and he was so relieved for the financing we offered him.

So, Robert now grabbed his kit and we mentioned that it would take just 3 days to install the house if he took the help of any friend or family member. He and his wife together installed the ADU that measured 8.5’ x 26’ and cost $12995.  But if you have a smaller requirement or a narrow budget, you could have a Shell Plus kit measuring 8.5’ x 20’ for only $9995. Our aim is to make tiny homes available for all those who genuinely need it.

This kit is unique as it comes with plumbing and electrical facility already installed, this relieved Robert from the hassle of hiring a separate contractor. The ADU is very spacious and ideal for living, it comes with vaulted and insulated ceiling, insulated and vinyl coated interior walls, steel exterior walls, pre-cut frames and walls for easy installation and insulated roof. Robert also discovered that security is top class with steel doors having deadbolt locks and lockable double-paned windows.

Robert wrote to us “Thank you BOSS that I could bring my mother to me and she is enjoying her stay in the ADU. We are happy.” The BOSS team feels extremely satisfied when clients write to us and we are happy as well that we could unite a family. So, like Robert if you are also looking for a tiny house solution, choose the Shell Plus kit. These are shipped in wooden crates so it would reach your door without damage. Request BOSS for a quote.

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