Reasons to install DIY cabin kits rather than conventional stick-built homes

Sep 21, 2022

Downsized living has given rise to DIY cabin kits as they are affordable and spacious yet compact enough for de-cluttering and offering a comfortable stay. High-quality tiny homes are now a rage in the US as they are an economical choice and come with all necessities to make life easier for the masses. BOSS Tiny House is your one-stop destination if you want to buy affordable tiny house kits. The lightweight tiny house on trailer kit or the functional homes built on a foundation arrives customized within 4 to 6 weeks. Tiny homes are a better choice than conventional stick-built structures. Here are a few reasons to buy BOSS tiny homes and spend your ‘me time’ in peace and serenity.


The longevity of BOSS tiny homes is an asset 

The walls and ceilings of the high-quality DIY cabin kits made from galvanized ASTM-certified steel ensure exceptional durability and strength. The tiny homes are weatherproof, water resistant, strong, and resistant to mold, mildew, termites, and fire. The tiny home structures are FM-approved, CA-certified, and have a Class 1 fire rating. The high-quality tiny structures have a 3-year warranty and are built to last for years. On the other hand, stick-built houses have wooden structures that rot, mold, attract termites and become the hub of mildew and microbial infestation. The wooden structures are combustible, water absorbent, and tend to rot, break and crack within a few months. The stick-built houses require waterproofing and repainting and offer poor insulation compared to BOSS tiny homes. Invest wisely and buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS.

Low maintenance makes BOSS homes more coveted 

You will get the customized tiny house on trailer kit, and that build on a foundation in or customizable standard sizes. However, they come in different sizes, shapes, layouts, designs, and dimensions based on individual preferences. Compact tiny homes are easier to clean than stick-built houses as they are mold-free, antibacterial, and made from steel. The wooden stick-built homes are high maintenance as they require frequent repairing, repainting, waterproofing, and professional care to ensure longevity. The low-maintenance BOSS tiny homes are cost-effective in the long run, which makes them more coveted than conventional stick-built ones.

Ease of installation makes tiny homes more popular 

Did you know it takes only 3 days for 2 people to install the DIY tiny homes? The tiny home structures snap together like Legos and stay robust for years. The 2″ walls meet Title 24 certification and offer great insulation. On the other end, stick-built houses have a slow, time-consuming, laborious, and expensive installation process. In addition, the stick-built houses have 4″ walls that barely meet Title 24 certification, and the poor insulation leads to higher energy consumption, thereby increasing utility bills. For long-term savings, investing in BOSS tiny homes is a wise decision.

Affordability is the most important element 

While stick-built manufacturers and on-site construction workers will drill a hole in your pocket, the BOSS tiny home kits have flexible home loan systems. BOSS Tiny House has teamed with CustomFin to offer flexible home loan plans. Over 300 moneylenders are ready to offer you loans with low-interest rates that go down to 3.99%.

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