Read to know how Morgan has built his own home office with a Shell Plus kit

Jul 06, 2020

A few months back, we got a call from Morgan, an aspiring businessman who wanted to have his own office space now. We understand that finance is the biggest constraint for new entrepreneurs. This is why he finally called BOSS for a solution. He has seen it all that the rents are pretty huge and he can’t spend so much money now. Now to give flight to his dreams, he wanted to discuss the advantages of owning a tiny house. We suggested he invest in the Shell Plus kit to build office space in his yard. BOSS manufactures affordable tiny house shell that can be built on-site. 

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Morgan searched the BOSS website; he spent time in researching, he read the testimonials and noted that there is an excellent review from so many customers. BOSS has a dedicated team of experts who continuously research modern-day kits and the prospects. The Shell Plus kit is ideal for building a home office, a cabin, in-law suite, studio, ADU, play space of kids, and more. Using the Shell Plus kit, Morgan could build a home office where 3-4 people could easily work.  

When he discussed the budget with us and how he is planning this start-up, we also suggested that he apply for the BOSS Tiny House home loan. The loan can get approved in just a few minutes; we do an eligibility test; once you are eligible for it, you are entitled to this financing. This facility is for those clients who need a shell kit but have financial constraints. At BOSS, we feel that all those who need a tiny space should be able to own it. Many customers interested in tiny house shells for sale feel relieved due to this aid, and Morgan was no exception.  

Morgan built a compact office space himself; he helped his friend complete the installation. It took both of them just 3 days to complete the assembling. The Shell Plus is impressive, it’s a DIY transformable and high-quality kit that is easy to assemble. In case you feel reluctant about assembling it yourself or do not find anyone to assist you, do not panic. You can always hire contractors within your budget who will build-on-site. 

The kit comes in two sizes, 8.5″ x 20′ and the other, which is slightly bigger, 8.5′ x 26′ available at $9995 and $12995, respectively. Some of the outstanding features of this kit are the insulated interior. Exterior walls, an insulated roof that is tested with snow-load, pre-cut frames for installation, also have a big living space, secure doors and windows, a dining space, a bathroom, a bathroom space, a utility space, and an optional loft. The kit comes with an already installed plumbing and electrical facility. 

Do you have a similar kind of requirement or anything different that you wish to discuss with us? Have a consultation with us; we also offer customized solutions based on your needs. We can suggest a solution that meets your budget and requirement. Buy a tiny house shell kit from BOSS; it comes with a 3 years warranty; there are designs you can choose from. The kits are transported in wooden crates for safety.

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