Pre-built tiny house shells: Are they worth spending your hard-earned money?

Jun 04, 2024

As more and more people are embracing minimalist living, the market has witnessed an increase in the tiny house shell for sale. The simplicity and practicality of these prefab structures are what motivate people to choose them for additional space expansion. These factory-made structures are commercially built to endure weather challenges and external elements.


If you are planning to add additional space to your property, you should definitely consider the pre-built tiny house shells. These tiny house shells are designed to fit any small, confined space efficiently, adding functionality and catering to the requirements. We have picked out the reasons why you should consider installing a tiny house on your property:

Hassle-free construction:

The tiny house shells are manufactured and delivered in kits directly on-site, making for hassle-free and easy installation. These structures are made from commercial-grade materials that make them extremely durable and also meet the different building laws and regulations. Since they are prefabricated, they do not involve a crazy amount of preparation and effort that is otherwise normal for traditional construction. 

Saves the extra expenses:

As already mentioned, tiny houses are a cost-effective solution as compared to traditional constructions. These structures are factory-made and delivered directly on-site, which cuts down on waste generation. Besides, the easy installation saves both time and labor expenses, making for an affordable option. 

Meets the building laws:

When you buy a tiny house shell, you need not worry about approvals from the relevant authorities and departments. The tiny houses from BOSS meet the California Building Codes and come with a permit package that includes the necessary documents required for tiny house approvals. In general, these documents would include an FM-approval certificate, foundation plan, engineer-approved structural drawings, Title 24 energy certificate, etc., that ensures the structure is safe and secure of accommodation. 


The best thing about a tiny house is that they are customizable to cater to the needs of the owners. From being able to design the structure for different sizes to choosing a roof style that fits your requirements, tiny houses are the ideal solution to look out for. Besides, you can also choose different styles and sizes for the fenestration to meet the look and requirements of the interior. 

Convenient and comfortable:

The pre-built tiny house shells are pre-installed with ADA-compliant doors that are a convenient option and adhere to the standards of the American Disability Act. Besides, the windows are made from double-glazed glass, which ensures better insulation and comfort. These structures are relevant in the contemporary housing and building scenario as they are compact, functional, practical, and customizable as per requirement. 

Why choose BOSS pre-built tiny houses?

The pre-built tiny house shells from BOSS are made from commercial-grade materials that come with impressive longevity and are weatherproof. These structures are delivered as interlocking panels, which take minimum time and effort for installation. Additionally, BOSS also ensures easy payment solutions by tying up with CustomFin. CustomFin brings over hundreds of financing options from 300+ lenders with rates as low as 3.99%. Visit the BOSS website now to design yours.








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