Portable tiny house on trailer kits for researchers

Oct 06, 2021

Portable tiny houses will be an ideal option for the researchers when they are required to travel long-distances for collecting data for any projects. The tiny house on trailer kit will have high vaulted insulated ceilings and durable ribbed galvanized steel exterior wall surfaces for providing extra protection from the sudden changes in the climatic conditions. 

Pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities

The pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities in the tiny house on trailer kit will be an advantage for the researcher to simply use their own kitchen and washroom while working on their projects. These will reduce their external worries for finding places to stay or take rest amidst their busy schedules. Pre-installed electrical facilities will help the researchers to set up their devices and charge them without any power cuts.

Insulated steel roof and wall panels

The insulated steel roof and wall panels offered by BOSS are strong and durable which can withstand a snow load test of 30 lbs/sq ft. Therefore, the steel structure panels used for constructing the tiny houses used are of standard quality with ASTM certifications. When it comes to living, the presence of proper insulation is a crucial factor. Hence, tiny houses offered by BOSS ensure using standard materials during manufacturing and construction of the tiny houses in a durable manner.

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Built On-Site System

Buy Affordable Tiny House kits from BOSS and enjoy the benefits of the Built On-Site System for designing and customizing your diy cabin kits as per your requirements. Built On-Site System will help in enhancing the custom design of tiny houses innovatively. This will be an added advantage for the researchers as they can plan their work set-ups and lighting their spacious interiors. 

Hurray! Now you can order your portable tiny house on trailer kit just by visiting our website in a few simple steps just by selecting and consulting with our experts before confirming your order.

Design choices and upgrade features available

If you are thinking of upgrading your houses in future, then BOSS tiny house kits will help you upgrade your tiny houses to adapt with the sudden changes in the environment. Tiny houses are eco-friendly and sustainable in nature which reduces the carbon footprint of the environment. 

To sum up

Now buy Affordable Tiny House kits from BOSS Tiny House at affordable rates with spacious interiors and pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. The insulated wall of the portable houses helps in maintaining a suitable temperature in the interior. Followed by, the walls of the diy cabin kits are ASTM-certified.  

The tiny houses are easy to install by 2 individuals within 3 day time. You can call one of your friends or siblings and set up your houses at earliest.


Request a quote now. Our experts at BOSS will get back to you and discuss the details of your projects. You can reach us at 310-350-3352 and get your queries resolved. 
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