Portable tiny house kits on wheels for portable healthcare unit for healthcare workers in rural areas

Nov 04, 2021

The healthcare system plays an important role in the development of the country. The system is getting better with the implementation of several healthcare schemes and services offered to the population. However, when it comes to facilitating healthcare services in rural areas, the difficulty rises for transportation of the medical equipment to the places and places for the healthcare workers. As an initiative, the healthcare investors can invest in the portable tiny house kits on wheels which will help them to provide healthcare for the people living in the rural areas. BOSS offers the best tiny house kits with pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities with durable ASTM certified steel wall foundations. 

Pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities

The pre-installed electrical facilities make it easier for the healthcare workers to set up their medical equipment at their place effortlessly. Followed by, the pre-installed plumbing facilities allows to clean up the spaces used and maintain hygienic ambiance for safe work for all. Investing in the affordable tiny house kits offered by BOSS Tiny House widens the opportunity of healthcare workers to provide care to people on an immediate basis.

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Design choices and upgrade features

The design choices allow the users to customize the affordable tiny house kits by organizing the space for placing the medical equipment and accessories required for providing healthcare to the people living in the rural areas. You can select the colors for representing your portable healthcare units so that people can identify the portable healthcare unit. Features of the portable healthcare units have upgrade options too. Hence, the healthcare workers can request for an upgrade for expansion of space or need of storage area required to carry the necessary medicines or equipment required while facilitating treatment.

Cost-saving and long-lasting

Start to save your cost with the durable ASTM-certified engineering steel wall foundations on wheels. The steel roof is snow load tested of 30 lbs/sq ft which allows the structure to withstand the foundation in heavy snowfall or rain. 

Therefore, the smooth finishing of the interiors with soft textured vinyl coated walls and high vaulted ceilings keeps the place insulated even during the harsh changes in climatic conditions. The tiny house kits on wheels have strong security due to the lockable double pane windows for keeping the equipment and individuals safe in a chaotic environment. 

Final words 

Share your thoughts about the proposed idea of assembling tiny house kits on wheels for a portable healthcare unit for the workers working in the rural areas. Advancement of the technology has widened the options for improving the services to be provided to the population in an innovative manner. 

The availability of the design and upgrade choices will allow the healthcare investors to make investments that will be profitable for them as well as the healthcare facilities purchasing the house kits on wheels. Pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities will save the cost as well as time required for planning to set up everything. The kits are easy to install in 3 days with 2 people.

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