Portable Tiny Homes – the Micro-living Trend

Apr 25, 2019

Tiny houses are mostly considered as a sustainable living choice and have successfully checked the crazy demands for larger homes, massive spending on building materials and large energy consumption. It’s a solution at the right time because people found it when they were fighting low income and recession. Tiny houses evolved when the environment is gasping for freshness, and we need to make it greener but making limited use of resources.

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Tiny houses are extremely popular

Did the tiny house movement inspire you are you looking for a home within your budget? A tiny house is not a substitute for traditional homes but a choice when people are looking for affordability, have limited space and budget. There are people who have a fetish for assembling tiny homes, they wish to take a DIY initiative, and we also cater to those who prefer building onsite by our professionals. Tiny houses are growing in number; micro living is the latest trend. The tiny house movement inspires people to live in portable homes. You would come across beautiful small homes, innovative designs, a range of advanced kits and furnished interiors.  

Choose the BOSS for your home

Have you searched the internet for tiny houses and information related to it? You are inevitably going to come across so many enthusiasts who described the tiny house lifestyle and what it is to shift from a traditional home to limited space. You can find many company websites, manufacturers and suppliers. Now, if you are looking for a tiny house solution, firstly choose a reputed manufacturer. BOSS Tiny House has so many happy customers, and we also cater to people who come to us to get an idea about tiny houses. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of tiny houses, tiny apartments, tiny house kits, ready shells, and small cabin kits. We also offer customization facility for our customers, you can choose your own designs, materials, and build a house of your dreams.

Tiny homes on wheels

If you are frequently traveling and looking for a portable housing option, choose our tiny homes on wheels. Our homes are made using light-weight yet sturdy materials intended for long-term living ideal for carrying in a trailer. The portable homes are smaller in size; therefore, it’s a challenge to make use of the space. We have a huge demand for tiny house on wheels, you can build it yourself or we build for you on-site. We also have a team of professionals helping you to make the most of the space, some of the ways of achieving are:

  •    Adding fittings/furniture that serves multiple purposes
  •    You can install beds, tables that can be hinged to the walls
  •     You can lift the flooring to expose storage space
  •    It is ideal to have compact and composting toilets
  •    It is best to have a loft for sleeping space
  •    You can have storage areas under furniture

The love for tiny homes

At BOSS we come across customers who are interested in tiny houses as they wish to lead a larger life. Now there is constant research about tiny home living and how people react to it. We have been too tiny house festivals, to tiny house community and have been to more such homes and have found out that people are fond of these structures. This gives us more enthusiasm to design even better abodes for comfortable living. Apart from tiny house on wheels, you can also explore our range of customized tiny homes on foundation.







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