Planning to downsize – Investing in ADU kits is ideal for minimalist living

Nov 01, 2022

Many states in the US are becoming ADU-friendly and welcoming minimalism. Owner occupancy necessities, fee waivers, and loan programs are some of the things that have attracted homeowners to install ADU kits in their properties. However, the real reason for the fame behind tiny house kits is the economic side of it. The tiny home kits are affordable, and the installation is a quick process. If you downsize to a granny flat, choose tiny home kits for sale from BOSS. Our high-end ADU dwellings are a better choice than traditional stick-built houses and other contemporaries. 

ADUs last longer than expected 

Most ADU kits are purchased for ailing grandparents who want closer proximity to their grandchildren. ADUs are not temporary homes but permanent structures that last longer than expected and have a 3-year warranty. The tiny house kits get manufactured from ASTM-certified galvanized steel and do not get damp or harbor mold growth. The durability of the tiny structures makes them a better choice than traditional stick-built houses. Made from raw wood, stick-built homes are easily susceptible to moisture damage and rot. Mold growth and termite infestation are common problems with stick-built houses, whereas tiny home dealers do not receive such complaints. The steel-built structures of tiny houses are non-corrosive, mold-free, antibacterial, and designed for longevity. 


ADUs are spacious, with all the necessities for a comfortable life 

If you think that the tiny home kits are small, then BOSS Tiny House has a pleasant surprise. Our home kits come in standard sizes and can get customized into smaller or larger units. The high-quality ADUs are spacious, and life gets comfortable with the preinstalled electrical and plumbing facilities. The ADUs from BOSS is ideal for easily accommodating at least 5 people. The ADUs are low maintenance as the structures do not rot, rust, bow, or attract termites. Regular cleanups are enough for maintaining the ADUs for the long haul. Many consider investing in spacious ADUs to generate a passive income by offering space for Airbnb rentals. If the pandemic has left you broke, then BOSS ADU kits can turn the game around by becoming your additional source of income. 

ADUs are easier to install 

The ADU kit gets installed in 3 days only. You don’t need to hire hardcore laborers for ADU installation. Instead, get help from a friend or hire 2 novice workers who can set up the ADU within 3 days. The kits come in DIY packages with an installation guide to make the job easier. In contrast, the wooden structures of the stick-built houses require more laborers for the installation, and it’s not a DIY job. The stick-built houses require extra laborers and additional resources for the setup, making the installation laborious, costly, and slow. Set up an ADU unit rather than the conventional, outdated stick-built homes. 

Final Thoughts – ADUs and the BOSS Home Loan facility 

The tiny home kits for sale are affordable and come with a home loan facility. BOSS has tied up with CustomFin to enable customers to get flexible payment plans with low-interest rates. Get our home kits in 4 to 6 weeks direct from the factory. Book a consultation today. Request a quote now. 







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