Peter was impressed by the make-up studio that he built with the BOSS Shell Plus

Jul 13, 2020

Peter is a make-up artist, and now he wishes to own his studio. He is doing good work, and his makeup tutorials are now very much preferred. He has now got more enthusiasm and wants to start makeup classes and workshops. Since he is just kick-starting his career, he has a specific budget. He was searching for space, but the rents seem to be high. He is very ambitious, so without getting disheartened, he started looking for a solution. A few of his colleagues suggested that he starts building a tiny house and gradually take it to the next level. BOSS cherishes many moments where we have helped many young minds start their own business and continue doing this. 

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While looking for tiny home kits in the USA, he called the BOSS experts for the right kind of kit. We first listened to his plan and how he wanted the makeup studio to be. Now, he felt that having a yard can be so beneficial. He immediately requested us to offer him a suitable kit; we remember the excitement he had. We showed him the Shell Plus kit, explained the features and how it’s going to be. Peter was also excited to build his makeup studio; he called upon his friend to help him out. They took 3 days to build; they were 2 people doing the task. This is a DIY transformable kit that comes with a 3 years warranty. He was so satisfied with the Shell Plus kit, the kind of studio that he built. If you have similar plans, you can build your own tiny house, but If DIY is not possible, hire a contractor who would build onsite. 

Installing this tiny house shell kit is very easy; the process is very smooth and happens quickly. Now we have something for all our customers. BOSS helps the ones who need; we believe that we can help you own a tiny house just when you need to. This is why we have the BOSS tiny House Loan. This loan gets approved in a few minutes, and it has been proved very useful to many clients who had financial crunches. We offer financial aid to customers so that they can own a tiny house on time. 

The Shell Plus kit comes in two sizes, 8.5’x 20′ and 8.5′ x 26′ available at $9995 and $12995, respectively. It comes with plumbing and electricals already installed. The interior is exterior both well-insulated and well-planned. The roof is insulated and tested with snow-load for durability; the ceiling is also high so that 3-4 people can stand comfortably. The interior wall is soft-vinyl coated while the outer wall is made of galvanized steel. The doors and windows have the right locking mechanisms. 

 After installation, Peter was very excited about his new makeup studio. If you have the same desire, choose BOSS for DIY tiny house kits in the USA. Request us for a quote.

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