Peter Got As Tiny House As a Gift on This Birthday – Now He Owns a Gaming Zone

Nov 14, 2019

When you see your child slowly entering the teens, you notice the changes in their behavior and the most common one is that they look for personal space. They get more attached to friends, gaming and also love breaking the rules. Wise parents try giving them space but the cost is an essential factor. Most people now live in compact apartments, there is space crunch and teens get desperate for a separate area. Why would you have to buy a space or pay huge rent each month when you can build a tiny house? Now build your own using affordable tiny house kits from BOSS Tiny House.

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 Della and Sam, both are parents and they have a teenage son named Peter. They are wise parents, they came to BOSS and spoke to us about their requirements and wanted to have a tiny house for their son. They already knew how much Peter loves gaming. They decided to give Peter a surprise by building a tiny house for him in the yard. BOSS is the biggest manufacturer of tiny house kits; we have in stock all types of kits. They wanted to turn the tiny house into a gaming zone. We offered them kits and they called upon a friend and together set up a tiny house. We always want our clients to build their own tiny homes; this saves labor costs to a great extent. The most impressive part is that our kits come with manual, easy to use instructions. Again, our kits also come with proper insulation and electrical systems. 

 They built a kitchen space, a bathroom and the rest of the area would be used for gaming. We did the interior for them; it looked just like a perfect gaming zone. We placed a stair that would lead to loft space for relaxation; it’s a space close to nature. Now your teen can call upon their friend inside the tiny home, enjoy gaming sessions. 

 We were very excited to do the gaming zone for this birthday boy, we did the walls in such a way that it reflects the purpose. The room was ready and there were enough racks to place X-box games, space to keep billiards, ping-pong table or various types of card or board games. If you are planning the same, do not keep too many games at a time; keep the one that your teenagers love to play. Monitoring is an essential thing because they are teenagers; this is why we also advise the parents to set up such a tiny house only in the yard. 

Design Yours

 Our kits are manufactured from engineered and certified steel, our kits are very affordable. We manufacture custom tiny home kits and this is what clients love. We have clients coming up to us and appreciating this cost-effectiveness. Della and Sam, both were so humble that they managed to call us on their son’s birthday. The team was present, and we liked it when BOSS got ample appreciation. Other invitees also appreciated and wished to get a similar one. BOSS is one of the most experienced tiny home builders in California and we are happy to share the story of such humble and satisfied clients. Please visit to take a look at the homes and get inspired. Contact for a consultation on how best to build your tiny house yourself. You can also take advantage of our flexible financing options.















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