Personalized library set-ups with the diy tiny house kits

Oct 08, 2021

Great news for all the bookworms! You can build your own library with the help of tiny house kits. BOSS kits are Built On-Site systems that come with easy assembly instructions for installation. If you want to set up your library in a vibrant manner then you are a step away. You can design your own tiny house turned library. Followed by, our experts will use the lean technology to analyze the design and transform it to reality at BOSS.

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The best tiny house kits offered include several amenities which will make it easier for you to spend your cozy time and help you to relax. You can try out tiny house kits on wheels for setting up your personalized library. 

Package includes pre- install plumbing and electrical system

The DIY tiny house kits package includes pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems. This will allow you to spend your leisure time reading your favorite books. You can make yourself snacks and the kitchen will be equipped with energy-efficient kitchen appliances. A pre-installed plumbing system with water tanks will allow you to reduce your worries of carrying water during your stay for long distances or short distances. 

Available design choices and upgrade features 

This is one of the attractive features that are included in the tiny house kits offered by BOSS. If you are interested in designing your own personalized library then you can discuss your project with our expert and find its potential. Experienced professionals at BOSS will carefully check and tell you the benefits and drawbacks of your project. Further, they will guide you through the process of incorporating the essentials if you missed any in your project while transforming your visions into reality. 

Available upgrade features also provide users to upgrade their tiny house kits if they want to re-design or use the space for downsizing their living in future. 

Lockable double pane windows with high vaulted ceilings

Safety and security remain at the center of concern when we think of investing in housing. BOSS offers double pane windows to ensure that all the things kept in the house stays well protected and are away from any threats. Since you will be converting the tiny house kits into personalized libraries, high vaulted ceilings will be an advantage. The high vaulted ceilings can be customized for making bookshelves. Alternatively, if you convert your tiny house kits on wheels for turning it into a library on wheels will be a great idea too. The high vaulted ceilings with soft textured vinyl coated insulated interior walls will provide effective insulation. Due to the durable ribbed galvanized steel exterior wall surface and insulated steel roof with snow load test of 30lbs/sq ft.

Final words

Hurry! Don’t miss out on the exciting offers made just for you. Request a quote and get your queries reverted back to you once our professionals receive the quote.  You can try out the tiny house kits on wheels as this will allow you to move your personalized library when you travel and enjoy reading amidst nature. 

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Get in touch with us by visiting our website at tiny Explore our various services and products offered at BOSS and shop at your convenience. If you have any confusion regarding any of the products or services directly contact us at 310-370-3352.

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