Perks of living in a tiny house shell

Dec 20, 2021

Live large while going small – that’s what makes the tiny house shell so popular. The DIY cabin kits come in 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′ sizes, but you can either go smaller or bigger. The affordable tiny house kits are ideal for small families and also for extended families that are in need of privacy. BOSS has come up with tiny home kits for sale to offer lucrative discounts on customized deals. However, do you know the perks of living your life in a tiny house? Here are a few things that you need to know about the perks of a tiny home.

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It’s more affordable than you think 

The tiny house shell is definitely affordable, but it’s certainly quite cheap with the BOSS home loan. The home loan ensures that you can get the ideal tiny space for yourself without having to spend a lot of money at one go. All you need to do is meet the eligibility criteria by submitting the relevant documents. After the documents are checked and you reach the eligibility benchmark – the loan gets sanctioned within a few minutes. After the loan papers are in your hands, get the DIY cabin kits customized as per your requirements.

Take your home along wherever you go

The affordable tiny house kits offer a good life with preinstalled electrical and plumbing facilities. You can make the home along with you wherever you go. One can also preselect the kitchen, washroom, and other amenities and discuss with the experts for optimal customization. The tiny homes are spacious enough to accommodate at least 2 to 5 people. The prefab units are easy to assemble and require only two laborers and three days to complete the installation. The customized prefab units arrive in different sizes, shapes, designs, and layouts. The tiny house shell offers user-friendly installation with the help of a manual. The security and safety of the tiny home get maintained with ASTM-certified steel roofing and doors. The vinyl cladding provides great insulation to keep the place warm, cozy, and comfortable.

However, the biggest advantage is that you can park the tiny home wherever you like and take it along anywhere without hassles.

Luxurious low-maintenance lifestyle

If you want to live the good life without the pocket pinch, then choose BOSS’s tiny home kits for sale. The kits come with a 3-year warranty certificate and are extremely durable and strong. The galvanized steel panels ensure sturdy exterior walls and the insulated walls provide fire resistance. The interiors have fine finishing to offer a good life without heavy-duty maintenance. As the tiny homes are smaller compared to traditional housing, the clutter is less and maintenance easier. However, tiny houses are equally spacious and well-planned, ensuring a comfortable lifestyle.

Wrapping up

The experience of living in a tiny home is worth every penny. If you haven’t enjoyed the convenience and thrill of living large in a tiny space, then go for it now. Later you can even rent out the space and have a second source of income. BOSS Tiny House provides a free consultation for your tiny home. Request a quote now.

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