Owning a cabin is no more a figment of imagination – BOSS makes it a reality

Mar 11, 2021

Going small is now a huge growing trend. How about owning a tiny house cabin in the woods or by the lake? The image you fabricated in your mind would help you to decide the cabin style. Does the budget keep you away from your dreams? You can eliminate excess costs by building a solid, smart tiny cabin yourself. DIY cabin kits available at BOSS Tiny House are the most budget-friendly option of owning your cabin. There is no need to pay huge rents when you do not have to spend a fortune yet become an owner. 

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DIY tiny house kits 

BOSS manufactures modern built-on-site tiny house kits using which you can build a tiny cabin, home office, play space for kids, in-law suite, and studio…etc. We promote DIY construction to help you believe that it’s easy to build a tiny space yourself. You can eliminate the costs of hiring a contractor when you do it on your own. BOSS tiny cabin kits come with lucid instructions, which makes assembling easier. 

Get shell with electrical and plumbing 

Installing the BOSS Shell Plus is even more hassle-free as it comes with plumbing and electrical facilities pre-installed. The interior is ideal with a high vaulted ceiling, insulated roof; the outer walls are made of steel, the pre-cut frames make installation easier, the interior walls are insulated with a soft vinyl coating. The windows and doors are fitted with a secure locking system. 

 The big sizes of Shell Plus kit

Assembling a shell is easy; more than half of the work is simplified. Call a family member, a friend, or a colleague to help with the installation. 2 people completing the installation can take only 3 days to complete the entire installation procedure. Tiny home shells are now available in two bigger sizes, 16′ x 40′ and 24′ and 80′, to solve your space issues. This is among the easy-to-install tiny house kits on wheels and on the foundation. 

Apply for the Tiny House Loan

Consult with the BOSS experts for the best tiny house kits. If you still face funding difficulties, we have a solution for you. BOSS is like your family, and we offer you all the necessary support so that you can have a tiny cabin or space whenever you need it the most. Apply for the Tiny House Loan, which gets approved in a few minutes. Our team follows a professional procedure to check the eligibility, and if we feel you are eligible, the approval process takes less than a few minutes. A lot of clients have benefitted from this easy financing solution.

Downsize with BOSS Tiny home kits 

Seeing the rising popularity of tiny homes, you can conclude that BOSS tiny house kits are not only apt for those who have a limited budget but for all those who wish to save more and act wisely. Tiny homes are ideal for people who wish to downsize, are interested in setting up smaller structures, or wish to relocate frequently. 

Design yours

Customization is what we believe in, and you have the freedom to design your own tiny cabin/house. Please visit the ‘Inspiration’ section of the BOSS website for ideas—request for a quote.

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