Owning a BOSS tiny house shell – Say Hello to minimalism

Jan 20, 2023

People weary of renting spaces and unable to afford traditional or commercial spaces might be interested in tiny homes. The concept is about accepting minimalism by not investing all you have in renting a space. Rather, making wise investment plans and owning a tiny house is one of them. Tiny homes are available in the form of complete prefab homes, shells, and kits. The ready homes are assembled inside the factory and customized according to your needs. Shells are hollow structures with basic amenities and cost lower than complete structures. Kits are tools and parts packed, shipped to your site, and assembled onsite. 

Tiny home shell gives scope for customization

Do you dread building a tiny house from scratch? You can invest in a tiny house shell. A tiny house shell is a prefab house kit that comes preinstalled with essential fixtures but with ample room for customization. A professionally built shell ensures durability, sturdiness, and complete safety. Having a tiny home professionally built guarantees structural integrity that DIY-enthusiast cannot. Before you order one, analyze the space requirements so that you can figure out the size of the shell you need to order. Once you have the shell, you can do the fun part: layout and interior decoration. Investing in a tiny house shell gives ample freedom to customize. 


Features of a BOSS tiny house shell

Choose a tiny home shell based on the shape, size, and foundation. If you need help deciding clearly, you can either talk to the builder or order the base model and upgrade with proper interior finishes that suit your requirements. You can focus on only those elements that matter to you and save money. BOSS tiny home shell has walls made from ASTM-certified and corrosion-resistant steel with an 18 R-value. They also have a higher level of energy efficiency. The tiny structures have 10 feet of crate length and they can endure 30 pounds per square foot of snow load. The shells are preinstalled with electrical and plumbing systems. 

Get access to over 300 money lenders

Do you want to avoid paying upfront or have some fund-related problems? BOSS will never let you down because we understand your requirements. You should have access to tiny homes when you need them. We have partnered with CustomFin to arrange flexible payment plans for our clients. The plan will suit all budgets because they come with very low-interest rates starting from 3.99%. You will surely find a suitable payment plan because 300 moneylenders are ready to offer home loans. Mention the loan amount and the credit score and you get a loan. A tiny house shell for sale from BOSS is affordable and available at factory-direct prices.

Get in touch with the BOSS team

We bring to your affordable housing by implementing cutting-edge technology. Enjoy your own space, customizations, easy access, and less clutter. BOSS Tiny Homes is green because we care for the environment. The shells are shipped and delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. Place your order online and we shall get in touch.







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