Now it is possible to build bigger spaces with the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Apr 27, 2021

The time is changing, and so are tiny homes. BOSS in California brings you not-so-tiny home kits that measure 6′ x 40′ and 24′ and 80. This is our new launch and we are receiving a huge response. BOSS manufactures tiny house kits used to build DIY home offices, cabins, ADU, in-law suites and play space for kids. Now you can have a bigger and more comfortable space for your requirement. Working from home has become a trend during pandemic and post-pandemic times. It isn’t easy to work from your house where your family members are living with you. Renting an office space or moving to a larger house is not feasible most of the time. Be sporty and build office space for yourself. 

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Get affordable tiny house kits 

A lot of homeowners do not know how to go about it. BOSS in the USA manufactures affordable tiny house kits so that anybody can build a DIY space. Tiny homes are ideal for those who have a tight budget and still can apply for a loan. We design various types of tiny house kits for building various types of spaces. All our kits come with an easy guideline so that even a layman can build a DIY structure. BOSS brings shells for your convenience. Most of the work is done in a BOSS tiny house shell kit, and you have to assemble it. For instance, the Shell Plus kit comes with pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. 

BOSS is one of the top manufacturers

We promote the DIY building of tiny homes. BOSS in the USA is now one of the top manufacturers of modern tiny house kits. All kits are not the same in terms of quality and ease of assembling. The Tiny House Shell Plus is a DIY transformable kit. 2 people can install it and the entire installation can be completed in 3 days.

Are you motivated by the tiny house movement? 

BOSS is a part of the tiny house movement. Its been a few years that we are manufacturing tiny house kits. The statistics show that the demand for tiny spaces is increasing every day. Post-pandemic, the demand has increased because people are also planning spaces to isolate if required. Now, people are very aware of the income and expenditure. Tiny homes can give you a comfortable life. You can build a tiny space on the foundation and a trailer. 

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 Build a tiny house for yourself and get rid of the stress of renting a new space. BOSS tiny homes are green as they do not produce waste material during the building process. BOSS is a catalog website where you can view all our products. Place your order via phone or email. You can also reach our office. We can also customize your kit as per your requirements to build a tiny house shell of your choice. Do you require a financing facility? BOSS Tiny House Loan gets approved in a few minutes. Request for a quote.

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